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Welcome to the Fresno State Faculty Bibliography, a service provided by the Henry Madden Library. This digital bibliography provides high visibility and increased access to published research. Citations for books, articles, and published proceedings link to the Henry Madden Library collections using the Library's "Find It @ Fresno State" links. Unpublished materials, such as white papers, artwork, and other materials created by members of the campus community can be deposited in the Campus Institutional Repository (currently under development).

Where Did The Information in the Bibliography Come From?

At the end of each year, each college submits to the Office of the Provost a list of publications from the College or Unit. We used the publications submitted over the past five years to compile the bibliography.

It Appears You Missed a Few of my Publications or Artistic Works. What Happened?

The Faculty Bibliography has two distinct but related missions:

1) To provide a comprehensive list of publications by faculty at California State University, Fresno; and
2) To provide links to allow access to the published items.

In order to be able to link to a publication, we need exact information about the publication's title, author, date (volume, issue...). Without correct information, we cannot link to the item. To assure that we're setting up the link correctly, we search for each item to assure that we have the correct information. In several cases, we discovered that information was incorrect or insufficient for us to find the article, book, or creative work that was listed. We performed in-depth searches to get the correct citation, but that was not always possible: sometimes the publisher changed the title of the book, sometimes the publisher changed the title of the article or chapter (in one case, both happened), and sometimes the article (or chapter) did not get published for another reason.

What about Presentations?

The bibliography includes publications, so any presentation that was recorded in the published Proceedings of a meeting can be added. Please do include the ISBN (or ISSN if the Proceedings were published as a serial publication) when you submit proceedings.

How Can I Add or Correct a Citation?

We want the Faculty Bibliography to reflect a complete record of the creative work of the campus and would be happy to add or correct citations so that it does. Please follow these steps:

1) Take a deep, cleansing breath, and let it out slowly. Realize that mistakes get made (perhaps by you submitting an incorrect citation, perhaps by us not being able to find your citation) and that mistakes on a bibliography are rather easily corrected.
2) To ADD citations, please send your CV (after double or triple checking all facts in each citation) to facbibcites@mail.fresnostate.edu. PLEASE INCLUDE ISSN OR ISBN IDENTIFYING NUMBERS IF POSSIBLE. Any other information you have that will help us find the publication will be very useful as well. Have a copy of your publication? Feel free to send it as an attachment.
3) If you have any CORRECTIONS or EDITS to any citations, please email the information to us at: facbibcites@mail.fresnostate.edu
Most publications were not included in the bibliography because we could not find the book, journal or article (perhaps because the publisher changed the title). Please check that all the information you send is correct, or you may become frustrated when we are not able to include your work in the bibliography.

I Sent My Information. How Long Will It Take to Update the Bibliography?

We will get to it as quickly as possible. Please check the bibliography periodically for updates.