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4 achievements

4 achievements

Culbertson, Avery
Culbertson, A.  (2017). Reflecting on leadership and mentoring throughout the teaching experience: transitioning through change and mentoring others. Presented at Culbe Mentoring Conference, California Agriculture Teachers Association, Sacramento, CA.
Culbertson, A.  (2017). Adaptive leadership: How new directions in leadership theory connect with listening, empathy and emotion. Presented at Fresno State University Seminar, California Agricultural Leadership Program, Fresno, CA.
Culbertson, A.  (2016). Incorporating the practice of reflection in and out of the classroom. Presented at Young Professionals Conference, California Agriculture Teachers Association, Fresno, CA.
Culbertson, A.  (2016). Introducing the new leadership program and curriculum at Fresno State University. Presented at San Joaquin Region California Agricultural Teachers Association Fall Meeting, Fish Camp, CA.