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18 achievements

18 achievements

Waldman, Elizabeth
Waldman, E.  (2014). Othello. 
Waldman, E.  (2014). Absurdist Masterworks.  Lighting Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2014). Syntheses.  Light Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2014). Quad.  Original Music Composer.
Waldman, E., & Gately, A.  (2013, 2014). Room to Move Dance.  Theatre and Dance Design.
Waldman, E.  (2013). The First Breeze of Summer.  Lighting Designer .
Waldman, E.  (2013). Clybourne Park.  Sound Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2012). Little Women, the Musical. 
Waldman, E., Akers, J., McManus, D., & Ammerman, J.  (2011). Night of the Iguana.  Lightning, sound.
Waldman, E., Thompson, A., & Reaves, C.  (2011). Undone.  Lightning Design.
Waldman, E.  (2010). Everlasting Bonfire.  Lighting and Sound Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2009). King Lear and The Comedy of Errors.  Sound Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2008). Intringulis.  Lighting Design.
Waldman, E.  (2008). What Has This Thing Appeared Again, Tonight?.  Lighting and Sound Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2006). Africa and The Cockroach Entrapment.  Sound Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2005). Abraham and Ishmale.  Lighting Designer.
Waldman, E.  (2005). Collaborating to Coexist: Theatre in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Presented at Performing the World Conference, Terrytown, NY.
Waldman, E.  (2003). The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.  Assistant Festival Sound Designer.