Lyles College of Engineering
7 achievements

7 achievements

Wu, Wei
Liu, F., Chen, C., & Wu, W.  (2016). Building Information Modeling-based Full Life Cycle Design for Luxury Yacht. Presented at 16th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering.
Luo, Y., Wu, W., & Bagdasarov, Z.  (2016). Students' Perceptions of Tablet-Enhanced Learning Environment on the Development of Communication and Critical Thinking Skills: An Interdisciplinary Study. Presented at ASEE’s 123rd Annual Conference & Exposition.
Wu, W., & Hyatt, B.  (2016). Integrating Building Information Modeling across an Undergraduate Construction Management Curriculum: Experiential Learning through a Tiny House Project. Presented at 10th BIM Academic Symposium & Job Task Analysis Review, Orlando, FL.
Wu, W., & Hyatt, B.  (2016). Experiential and Project-based Learning in BIM for Sustainable Living with Tiny Solar Houses.  Procedia Engineering. 145(12), 579-586.
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Wu, W., & Kaushik, I.  (2015). A BIM-based educational gaming prototype for undergraduate research and education in design for sustainable aging. Presented at Winter Simulation Conference, Huntington Beach, CA.
Wu, W., & Kaushik, I.  (2015). Design for aging with Building Information Modeling and Game Engine Integration. Presented at ASEE’s 122nd Annual Conference & Exposition, Seattle, WA.
Wu, W., & Luo, Y.  (2015). Investigating the Synergies of Sustainability and Building Information Modeling through Collaborative Project-based Learning. Presented at ASEE’s 122nd Annual Conference & Exposition, Seattle, WA.