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10 achievements

10 achievements

Adams, Katherine
Adams, K.  (1996). Relational communication and context theory. Presented at Communication Theory and Research Interest Group Panel at WSCA, Pasadena, CA.
Blair, Diane M.
Blair, D.  (1996). Rhetoric’s dialectic: constructing a coherence for contemporary rhetorical theory. Presented at Penn State/University of Maryland Graduate Conference Exchange, College Park, MD.
Blair, D.  (1996). Rhetoric of response/able resistance: enacting a feminist ethic of risk. Presented at Speech Communication Association Convention, San Diego, CA.
Blair, D.  (1996). The prospect of rhetorical knowing. Presented at Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Tucson, AZ.
Gibson, Melissa D.
Gibson, M.  (1996). Ian McKellen.  Actors, Directors and Designers. St. James Press.
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Golston, Chris
Golston, C.  (1996). Direct optimality theory: representation as pure markedness.  Language. 72(4), 713-748.
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Golston, C.  (1996). Prosodic constraints on roots, stems, and words.  Interfaces in phonology, studia grammatica. (pp.172-193) Berlin: Akademie Verlag.
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Herring, J. Daniel
Smith, J., & Herring, J.  (1996). Literature Alive: Connecting to Story Through the Arts.  Reading horizons. 37(2), 102-115.
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Kouymjian, Dickran K.
Kouymjian, D.  (1996). A Unique Armenian Papyrus.  Acts of the Vth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics. (pp.381-386) Delmar, N.Y.: Caravan Books.
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Moore, Scott
Moore, S., O'Hair, D., & Allman, J.  (1996). A cognitive-affective model of relational expectations in the provider-patient context.  Journal of Health Psychology. 1(3), 307-322.
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