College of Arts and Humanities ยป 2008
135 achievements

135 achievements

Adisasmito-Smith, Steven
Adisasmito-Smith, S.  (2008). An Indian Independance: Thoreau's free readings of the laws of Manu and the Bhagavad-Gita.  Nineteenth-Century Prose. 35(2), 75-108.
Agbayani, Brian
Agbayani, B., & Golston, C.  (2008). PP-Splitting in Ancient Greek. Presented at Proceedings of the Western Conference on Linguistics (WECOL), Fresno, Calif.
Ayotte, Kevin
Ayotte, K., Bernard, D., & O'Hair, H.  (2008). Knowing terror: On the epistemology and rhetoric of risk.  Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication. New York : Taylor & Francis Ltd..
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Balint, Kenneth R.
Balint, K.  (2008). “Voided Hospitality” by student choreographer Lindsay Settle, University Dance Theatre. 
Beaman, M Teresa
Beaman, T.  (2008). CSU SummerArts: Composer & Performer Collaboration. 
Beaman, T.  (2008). From the Chair of the Finance Committee.  The Flutist Quarterly. 33(4).
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Beaman, T.  (2008). John Rutter, “Gloria,” 8 & 9. 
Bergman, Ted Lars L.
Bergman, T.  (2008). Humor and the Metadiscourse of Control in the Comedia.  Bulletin of the Comediantes. 60(2), 103.
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Biondo, Vincent F.
Biondo, V.  (2008). Mosques.  Encyclopedia of Global Religion and Societ. Sage Reference .
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Biondo, V.  (2008). Eliade.  Encyclopedia of Global Religion and Societ. Sage Reference .
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Biondo, V.  (2008). Economics.  Encyclopedia of Global Religion and Society. Sage Reference .
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Biondo, V.  (2008). Between Tribalism and Pluralism in the U.S. and Britain.  The Muslim World. 98(4), 475-484.
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Blair, Diane M.
Blair, D.  (2008). I Want You To Write Me: Eleanor Roosevelt's Use of Personal Letters as a Rhetorical Resource.  Western Journal of Communication. 72(4), 415-433.
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Blair, D.  (2008). Shirley Chisholm: For the Equal Rights Amendment (10 August 1970).  Voices of Democracy: The U.S. Oratory Project. 50-62.
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Blair, D.  (2008). I want you to write me: Eleanor Roosevelt's use of personal letters as a rhetorical resource.  Western Journal of Communication. 72(4), 415-433.
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Bradshaw, Julia
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). 4th Annual International Small Film Festival. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). Conversations. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). Faculty Show: Conley Art Gallery. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). SPE West Conference- Multi Media Film Festival. 
Caldwell, Michael
Caldwell, M.  (2008). Compact Disc Recording Session. 
Caldwell, M.  (2008). National Cathedral and St. Alban’s School Orchestras. 
Caldwell, M.  (2008). Jazz Composer’s Orchestra. 
Chapman, Honora H.
Mason, S., & Chapman, H.  (2008). Flavius Josephus : Translation and commentary Vol. 1B, 2 Judean war.  Leiden; Boston: Brill.
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Chen, Jidong
Ai, R., & Chen, J.  (2008). A puzzle in Chinese dative shift. Presented at 20th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics, Columbus, OH.
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Darling, Matthew
Darling, M., & Longshore, T.  (2008). San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust Fundraising Dinner. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Sacramento Choral Society. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Fresno Philharmonic Children’s Concert Series. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Kenneth Froelich, Accidental Migration. 
Darling, M.  (2008). The Reluctant Dragon and Requiem Rutter. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Carmina Burana “O Fortuna”. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra: Holiday Concert. 
Der Mugrdechian, Barlow
Der Mugrdechian, B.  (2008). 80th Anniversary of the Western Diocese.  Patmutiwn Arewmtean T`emi: 80 tarineru tsarayutiwn 1927-2007: History of the Western Diocese: 80 years of service 1927-2007. Burbank, CA: Western Diocese Press.
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Der Mugrdechian, B.  (2008). Between Paris and Fresno: Armenian studies in honor of Dickran Kouymjian.  Armenian Studies Series.
Der Mugrdechian, B.  (2008). Dickran Kouymjian.  Between Paris and Fresno: Armenian studies in honor of Dickran Kouymjian. Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers.
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Der Mugrdechian, B.  (2008). William Saroyan: The Writer.  Between Paris and Fresno: Armenian studies in honor of Dickran Kouymjian. Costa Mesa, Calif.: Mazda Publishers.
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Diaz, Jose
Díaz, J.  (2008). Fresno Community Chorus. 
Einsidler, Izzy
Einsidler, I.  (2008). I Tre Compagni Opera. 
Fenton, Andrew
Fenton, A., & Krahn, T.  (2008). Who's to Regret, What's to Regret?.  The American Journal of Bioethics. 8(2), 42-43.
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Fenton, A., & Alpert, S.  (2008). Extending Our View on Using BCIs for Locked-in Syndrome.  Neuroethics. 1(2), 119-132.
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Fenton, A.  (2008). Review of Neurophilosophy at Work.  Philosophy in Review. 28(5), 324-325.
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Fenton, A.  (2008). Intervening in the Brain: Changing Psyche and Society. New York: Springer: A Review.  Neuroethics. 1(3), 213-215.
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Fiala, Andrew
Fiala, A.  (2008). The Crusade for Freedom: A Just War Critique of the Bush Doctrine.  The Journal of Political Theology. 9(1).
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Fiala, A.  (2008). Fichte and the Ursprache.  Topics in historical philosophy. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press.
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Fiala, A.  (2008). The just war myth: The moral illusions of war.  Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
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Fiala, A.  (2008). Religious Freedom in Fresno.  San Francisco Chronicle.
Fiala, A.  (2008). Waterboarding, Torture, and Violence: Normative Definitions and the Burden of Proof.  Review Journal of Political Philosophy. 6(1), 173.
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Fiala, A.  (2008). Justice or Liberty: Must We Choose?.  Fresno Bee.
Fiala, A.  (2008). God, Reason, and Ethics: Love and the Good Samaritan.  Philosophy in the Contemporary World. 15(2), 72-81.
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Fiala, A.  (2008). Fichte and Ursprache.  After Jena: New essays on Fichte's later philosophy. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press.
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Fiala, A.  (2008). Theocentrism and Human Rights: A Critical Argument.  Religion and Human Rights. 3(3), 217-234.
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Fraleigh, Douglas M.
Fraleigh, D.  (2008). Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom: Issues Raised by the Erwin Chemerinsky Experience at UC Irvine. Presented at Western States Communication Association, Denver, CO.
Gillum, Edward
Gillum, E.  (2008). Alchemy. 
Gillum, E.  (2008). The Faculty Show. 
Gilroy, Gary
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Olympic Orchestra Tutti Repertoire. 
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Fresno State Wind Orchestra Concert with Clovis North High School. 
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Fresno State University Football Game Performance. 
Godfrey, Kathleen
Godfrey, K.  (2008). Robust Vocabulary Instruction in the 6-12 Classroom.  Teaching vocabulary: 50 creative strategies, grades 6-12. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall.
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Golston, Chris
Fulop, S., & Golston, C.  (2008). Breathy and whispery voicing in White Hmong.  The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 123(5).
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Hales, Corrinne
Hales, C.  (2008). Flight.  Border Senses.
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Hamre, Anna Ruth
Hamre, A.  (2008). Kingsway International. 
Hansen, Doug
Hansen, D.  (2008). Masumoto articles.  The Fresno Bee.
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Hansen, D.  (2008). Kaweah Oaks Preserve Interpretive Panels. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Fresno Agriculture Signs. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Season of Revenge & Romance. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners Brochure. 
Herring, J. Daniel
Herring, J.  (2008). Some Men. 
Jordan, Keith
Jordan, K.  (2008). Surrealist visions of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and the legacy of Colonialism: The good, the (revalued) bad, and the ugly.  Journal of Surrealism and the Americas. 2(1), 25-63.
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Kouymjian, Dickran K.
Kouymjian, D.  (2008). Post-Byzantine Armenian Bookbinding and Its Relationship to the Greek Tradition. Presented at International Conference Athens, Greece, Athens.
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Kouymjian, D.  (2008). From Manuscript to Printed Book: Armenian Bookbinding from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century, Printing and Publishing from the Middle East. Presented at Second International Symposium on the History of Printing and Publishing in the Languages and Countries of the Middle East, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France.
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Kouymjian, D.  (2008). The Intrusion of East Asian Imagery in thirteenth Century Armenia: Political and Cultural Exchanges along the Silk Road.  The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road. (pp.119-133, pls. 12-19) Leiden: E. J. Brill.
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Kouymjian, D.  (2008). Cilicia and Its Catholicosate from the Fall of the Kingdom to 1915.  Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces. (pp.297-307) Costa Mesa: Mazda: Armenian Cilicia, UCLA Armenian History and Culture Series.
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Krejcar Sharma, Joan
Sharma, J.  (2008). Faculty Art Show. 
Sharma, J.  (2008). Small Treasures: Artist Miniatures. 
Kuswa, Kevin Douglas
Kuswa, K., & Briann, W.  (2008). Arguing War in an Era of Terrorism: ‘Democracy to Come’ and Critical Pedagogy.  Controversia. 5(2), 93-111.
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Kuswa, K., Achter, P., & Lauzon, L.  (2008). The Slave, the Fetus, the Body: Articulating Biopower and the Pregnant Woman.  Contemporary Argumentation and Debate. 66-185.
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Kuswa, K.  (2008). Guest Forum on Rhetorical Genre.  Contemporary Argumentation and Debate. 84-86.
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Labossiere, Barbara B.
LaBossiere, B.  (2008). Tort Liability in the United States and its Threat to Class Action Justice.  Philosophy in the Contemporary World. 15(1).
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Lee, Siok H.
Lee, S.  (2008). Beyond reading and proficiency assessment: The rational cloze procedure as stimulus for integrated reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction and teacher-student interaction in ESL.  System System. 36(4), 642-660.
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Mandaville, Alison
Mandaville, A.  (2008). Four alphabets in 100 years: state control of writing in Azerbaijan. Presented at Cambridge Symposium: Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies, University of Cambridge, U.K. .
Mandaville, A.  (2008). Faculty development and collaboration in Azerbaijan: ensuring successful learning communities. Presented at International Conference on Academic Quality Assurance: Needs and Challenges, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Mandaville, A.  (2008). Three poems and interview: “This is What I Want,” “Half-Cocked,” “Rounding Off.”.  Khazar: A Journal of World Literature. 58-63.
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Mandaville, A.  (2008). Poets Against War: Poems of the Month.  Instructions to a war tax resister sleeping.
Mandaville, A.  (2008). I have my wings.  Tercume.Az.
Mandaville, A.  (2008). Two blind men.  Tercume.Az..
Mjurka, Una
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Faculty Show. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Harvest. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Pottery and Ceramics of La Rambla. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Small Treasures. 
Mobili, Giorgio P.
Mobili, G.  (2008). Irritable bodies and postmodern subjects in Pynchon, Puig, Volponi.  New York: Peter Lang.
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Mobili, G.  (2008). 'E poi è venuto Luca’: Fantasy, the Voice, the Other in Visconti’s Senso.  Rivista di letterature moderne e comparate. 61(4), 475-492.
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Mobili, G.  (2008). Review of Recensione di Selected Poems 1964–1987 by Luigi Martellini.  L’Immaginazione. 54-55.
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Moore, Scott
Moore, S., & Wright, K.  (2008). Applied health communication.  Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
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Moore, S., & Thurston, G.  (2008). Cultural competence and organizational barriers to the delivery of healthcare.  Applied health communication. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
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Moore, S., Badhesha, R., Schmidtke, J., & Cummings, A.  (2008). The effects of diversity training on specific and general attitudes toward diversity.  Multicultural Education & Technology Journal. 2(2), 87-106.
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Moore, S., & Ayotte, K.  (2008). Terrorism, language and community dialogue.  Terrorism: Communication and rhetorical perspectives. (pp.67-92) Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
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Schmidtke, J., Badhesha, R., & Moore, S.  (2008). The Effects of Diversity Training on Specific and General Attitudes toward Diversity.  Multicultural Education & Technology Journal. 2(2), 87-106.
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Wright, K., & Moore, S.  (2008). Applied Health Communication.  Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
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Moreman, Shane
Moreman, S., & Marie Calafell, B.  (2008). Buscando para nuestra latinidad: Utilizing La Llorona for Cultural Critique.  Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. 1(4), 309-326.
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Nadaner, Daniel G.
Nadaner, D.  (2008). Teaching Perception Through Video Art.  Art Education. 61(1), 19-24.
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Nadaner, D.  (2008). Social theory and social practice in art teacher education.  InCITE, inSIGHT, inSITE: Journal of social theory in art education: The first 25 years. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.
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Nadaner, D.  (2008). Los Angeles Artcore. 
Nadaner, D.  (2008). Video Landscapes. 
Payne, Elizabeth R.
Payne, E.  (2008). Last of the Leaves. 
Pierce, Tamyra A.
Pierce, T.  (2008). Distracted: Academic Performance Differences between Teen Users and Non-Users of MySpace and other Communication Technology.  Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. 6(3), 67-71.
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Potter, Nicholas R.
Potter, N.  (2008). 'Gifted' Show. 
Priest, Donald
Priest, D.  (2008). CSU Summer Arts Theater Workshop. 
Priest, D.  (2008). National Audio Theater Festival. 
Sharma, Devendra
Sharma, D., Singhal, A., Harter, L., & Chitnis, K.  (2008). Shooting back: Participatory photography in entertainment-education.  Critical Arts. 21(1), 212-227.
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Skeen, Timothy D.
Skeen, T.  (2008). Wrong number.  Poet Lore.
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Skeen, T.  (2008). The airport chapel in Baton Rouge.  Poet Lore.
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Skeen, T.  (2008). Old monk napping.  Monkey Puzzle.
Skeen, T.  (2008). Cartier-Bresson's photo of Matisse.  Alehouse.
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Thornton, Bruce
Thornton, B.  (2008). Islam Without Apologetics Review of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, by Andrew Bostom.  City Journal.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). Religion and the Age Review of Religion and the Age, by George Weigel.  City Journal.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). What’s in a word? Review of Brother Tariq, by Caroline Fourest.  National Review-Victor Hanson.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). Twilight of the Nation-State Review of Democracy Without Nations?, by Pierre Manent.  City Journal.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). Review of Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg.  Exile Street.
Thornton, B.  (2008). The Allah That Failed.  The New Individualist.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). Gathering Storm.  The National Review.
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Thornton, B.  (2008). Can Rational Individualism Survive?.  The New Individualist.
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Valencia, Martin
Valencia, M.  (2008). Arte Americas. 
Valencia, M.  (2008). Aprender Es Vivir. 
Waldman, Elizabeth
Waldman, E.  (2008). Intringulis.  Lighting Design.
Waldman, E.  (2008). What Has This Thing Appeared Again, Tonight?.  Lighting and Sound Designer.
Wang, Bo
Wang, B.  (2008). Rereading sui sin far: A rhetoric of defiance.  Representations: Doing Asian American Rhetoric. Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press.
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Wang, X.  (2008). Perceptual training for learning English vowels: Perception, production, and long-term retention.  Saarbrucken: VDM: Verlag Dr. Muller.
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Wang, Xinchun
Wang, X.  (2008). Perceptual training for learning English vowels : perception, production, and long-term retention.  Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
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Wang, X.  (2008). Training for Learning Mandarin Tones.  . (pp.259-274)
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Wang, X.  (2008). Learning Mandarin tones at sentence level through training: A pilot study.  Canadian Acoustics. 36(3), 122-123.
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Wang, X.  (2008). Training for learning Mandarin tones.  Handbook of Research on Computer-enhanced Language Acquisition and Learning. (pp.259-274) Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference (IGI Global).
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Wang, X.  (2008). Perceptual Training for Learning English Vowels: Perception, Production, and Long-term Retention.  Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
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Wang, X.  (2008). Learning mandarin tones at sentence level through training: A pilot study.  Can Acoust Canadian Acoustics - Acoustique Canadienne. 36(3), 122-123.
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Wein, Toni
Wein, T.  (2008). Romanticism and the Sense of Place.  Teaching & Learning Guide for: Ecocriticism in British Romantic Studies. (pp.424-434) University of Northern British Columbia.
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Wein, T.  (2008). Wandering Home: Charles Robert Maturin and the Subliming of Ireland.  Land and landscape in nineteenth-century Ireland. Dublin: Four Courts.
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Weston, Lisa
Weston, L.  (2008). Reading the Textual Shadows of Anglo-Saxon Monastic Women's Friendships.  Magistra. 14(1), 68-78.
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