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146 achievements

146 achievements

Adams, Katherine
Adams, K., & Galanes, G.  (2009). Communicating in Groups: Applications and Skills.  New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
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Adams, K., & Trujillo, N.  (2009). Heheh in conversation: Some coordinating accomplishments of laughter.  Western Journal of Speech Communication. 47(2), 175-191.
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Agbayani, Brian
Agbayani, B., Golston, C., & Ishii, T.  (2009). Prosodic scrambling in Japanese. Presented at ICEAL 2.
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Anagnostopoulos, Mariana
Anagnostopoulos, M.  (2009). Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian Studies: Essays in Honor of Gerasimos Santas.  Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian Studies: Essays in Honor of Gerasimos Santas: Philosophical Studies Series. Dordrecht; New York: Springer.
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Balint, Kenneth R.
Balint, K.  (2009). Impressions of Being. 
Balint, K.  (2009). Slow Me Down. 
Balint, K.  (2009). Are You Now or Have You Ever. 
Beaman, M Teresa
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Escuela Moderna de Musica. 
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamerican (ICPNA). 
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Escuela de Música. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). St. Matthew Passion. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Words and Music. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Divertimento Concert. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Central California Flute Festival. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Paul Badura Skoda, “Sonata Romantique.”. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Robert Dick, “Lookout”. 
Biondo, Vincent F.
Biondo, V.  (2009). Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Encyclopedia of Islam. New York.
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Birch, Barbara
Birch, B.  (2009). The English language teacher in global civil society.  New York; London: Routledge.
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Blair, Diane M.
Blair, D.  (2009). Review of Governing Codes: Gender, Metaphor and Political Identity, by Karrin Vasby Anderson and Kristina Horn Sheeler.  Rhetoric and Public Affairs. 12(1), 147-150.
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Boone, Benjamin
Boone, B., & Mitchell, S.  (2009). Rogue Festival. 
Botts, Tina
Botts, T.  (2009). Natural Law Theory or Legal Interpretivism? The Mature Frederick Douglass’s Method of Constitutional Interpretation. Presented at 3rd Annual Ida B. Wells Philosophical Conference, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.
Botts, T.  (2009). The Bill of Rights and You. Presented at Constitution Day, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR.
Bradshaw, Julia
Bradshaw, J.  (2009). Conversations: Book Arts. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2009). Multicultural Film Festival. 
Caldwell, Michael
Caldwell, M.  (2009). California Band Directors Association Conference. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). The Temptations and Four Tops. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). Dr. Alan Durst Faculty Recital. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). Jazz in the Park. 
Chapman, Honora H.
Chapman, H.  (2009). What Josephus Sees: The Temple of Peace and the Jerusalem Temple as Spectacle in Text and Art.  Phoenix. 63(1-2), 107-130.
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Church, Steven
Church, S.  (2009). Will the Real K. Nelson Please Stand Up?.  Packingtown Review.
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Church, S.  (2009). The Sound of Retreat.  The Pinch.
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Church, S.  (2009). Confessions of a Parasite.  Sonora Review.
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Church, S.  (2009). Danger Boys.  River Teeth Reader.
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Church, S.  (2009). Theoretical killings: Essays and Accidents.  [New Orleans, La.]: UNO Press.
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Cozen, Brian
Cozen, B.  (2009). Chevron’s advertising campaign as preemptive apologia. Presented at Western States Communication Association Conference, Mesa, AZ.
Cozen, B.  (2009). Powering our energy: Chevron and conceptions of energy in contemporary advertising. Presented at Communicating the Environment: An Interdisciplinary Graduate StudentConference, Seattle, WA.
Cozen, B.  (2009). Powering our energy: conceptions of energy in contemporary oil company advertising. Presented at Conference on Communication and the Environment, Portland, ME.
Crisco, Virginia
Crisco, V.  (2009). Activating Activist Literacy: Discovering Dispositions for Civic Identity Development.  Composition Studies: Freshman English News. 37(2), 31-52.
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Darling, Matthew
Darling, M.  (2009). Nyumbani “Pond”. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Central California Flute Festival Gala Concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Kenneth Froelich, Neurotica. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Arizona Musicfest Orchestra. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Premiere Designs Jewelry Convention. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Fresno State University and Clovis High School Percussion Ensemble joint concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Clovis West High School Percussion Ensemble Concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Fresno State Wind Orchestra. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Orpheus Chamber Group. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra. 
Der Mugrdechian, Barlow
Der Mugrdechian, B.  (2009). The Role of the University in the Community. Presented at University Education for the 21st Century, Yerevan, Armeni.
Diaz, Jose
Díaz, J.  (2009). St. Matthew Passion. 
Díaz, J.  (2009). Sons of the San Joaquin Concert. 
Durette, Paula J.
Durette, P.  (2009). Frameline 33: LGBT Film Festival. 
Durette, P.  (2009). Inside/Out: Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 
Durette, P.  (2009). Takoma Park Film Festival. 
Fenton, Andrew
Fenton, A., Meynell, L., & Baylis, F.  (2009). Responsibility and Speculation: On Possible Applications of Pediatric fMRI.  The American Journal of Bioethics. 9(1), 1-2.
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Fenton, A., Meynell, L., & Baylis, F.  (2009). Ethical Challenges and Interpretive Difficulties with Non-Clinical Applications of Pediatric fMRI.  The American Journal of Bioethics. 9(1), 3-13.
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Fenton, A.  (2009). Review of D. L. Cheney, R. M. Seyfarth, Baboon Metaphysics: The Evolution of a Social Mind.  Biology and Philosophy. 24(1), 129-136.
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Fenton, A.  (2009). Buddhism and neuroethics: the ethics of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement.  Developing World Bioethics. 9(2), 47-56.
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Krahn, T., & Fenton, A.  (2009). Autism, Empathy and Questions of Moral Agency.  Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior. 39(2), 145-166.
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Fiala, Andrew
Fiala, A.  (2009). How Would You Like to be Him?: The Golden Rule, Third Person Descriptions, and Virtue Ethics.  The Pluralist. 4(2), 24-37.
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Fiala, A.  (2009). Science Raises Difficult Moral Questions.  Fresno Bee.
Fiala, A.  (2009). Pacifism and Just War Theory after 9/11.  The impact of 9/11 on politics and war. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.
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Fiala, A.  (2009). Morality, Memory, and Memorial Day.  San Francisco Chronicle.
Fiala, A.  (2009). Getting Back to Basics in Budget Crisis.  Fresno Bee.
Fiala, A.  (2009). Animal Welfare.  Critical food issues: Problems and state-of-the-art solutions worldwide. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
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Fiala, A.  (2009). The democratic peace myth: From Hiroshima to Baghdad.  Between global violence and the ethics of peace: Philosophical perspectives. Chichester, West Sussex; Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons.
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Fiala, A.  (2009). Militant atheism, pragmatism, and the God-shaped hole.  International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. 65(3), 139-151.
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Fraleigh, Douglas M.
Fraleigh, D.  (2009). State Secrets, Surveillance, and Freedom of Expression: Redrawing the Line in a Post ‘Post 9/11 World. Presented at Western States Communication Association Convention, Phoenix, AZ.
Fraleigh, D.  (2009). Flag Protection Amendments: Voting First Amendment Rights Out of Existence?. Presented at National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL.
Fraleigh, D., Tuman, J., & Arkle, P.  (2009). Speak up: An illustrated guide to public speaking.  Boston: Bedford/St. Martins.
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Froelich, Kenneth D.
Froelich, K.  (2009). Pocket Knives, Paper Football.”. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Blue Fire. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Júbilo. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Neurotica. 
Gillum, Edward
Gillum, E.  (2009). Nature's Blue. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Reveiller video projection. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Spectrum Gallery. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Tenshu Shinbashira. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). To 2 Too. 
Gilroy, Gary
Gilroy, G., & Engstrom, D.  (2009). Fresno State Wind Orchestra Joint Concert with Fresno City College. 
Gilroy, G.  (2009). Band Spectacular. 
Gilroy, G.  (2009). 10th Annual Fresno State High School Concert Band Invitational. 
Godfrey, Kathleen
Kathleen, G.  (2009). A Blanket Woven of All These Different Threads: A Conversation with Wendy Rose.  Studies in American Indian Literatures. 21(4), 71-83.
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Golston, Chris
Agbayani, B., Golston, C., & Ishii, T.  (2009). Prosodic scrambling in Japanese. Presented at ICEAL 2.
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Golston, C.  (2009). Old english feet.  Versatility in versification: mulitidisciplinary approaches to metrics. (pp.105-122) Peter Lang.
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Hamre, Anna Ruth
Hamre, A.  (2009). Morton Lauridsen’s Lux aeterna. 
Hansen, Doug
Hansen, D.  (2009). Mother Goose in California.  Berkeley, CA : Heyday Press .
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Hansen, D.  (2009). Schmooze and Booze. 
Hart, Bradley
Hart, B.  (2009). Curbing the Unfit: Eugenicists and the International Sterilisation Movement in the Early 1930s. Presented at Interdisciplinary Workshop on Reproduction 5, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge University.
Hart, B.  (2009). International Eugenics: Reexamining the Relationship between British and German Eugenicists prior to the Second World War. Presented at XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.
Hart, B.  (2009). Public and Private Memory of the First World War and the British Eugenics Movement. Presented at 29th Conference of the Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History, Porto, Portugal.
Herring, J. Daniel
Herring, D.  (2009). Brothers of a Common Country: A Story of Abraham Lincoln. 
Jones, Hillary
Jones, H., Hardin, M., Kuehn, K., Genovese, J., & Balaji, M.  (2009). ‘Have you got game?’ Hegemonic masculinity and neo-homophobia in U.S. newspaper sports columns.  Communication, Culture, and Critique. 2(2), 182-200.
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Jordan, Keith
Jordan, K.  (2009). Independencia en las Americas: History, Impact, and Consequences. 
Kartch, F.  (2009). Live from New York… It’s parody and the female political candidate. Presented at National Communication Association Conference, Chicago, IL.
Kartch, F.  (2009). Conflict escalation: Coalitions and gossip. Presented at Chicago Ethnography Conference, Evanston, IL.
Kouymjian, Dickran K.
Kouymjian, D.  (2009). Follow and the Apprenticeship of William Saroyan.  Young Saroyan, Follow and other Early Writings. (pp.vii-xxxviii) Fresno: The Press at California State University, Fresno.
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Kouymjian, D.  (2009). The Armenian Right Arm Reliquary of St. Nicholas.  Studies in Honor of Thomas F. Mathews. (pp.223-229) Mainz: Verlag Philipp von Zabern.
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Kouymjian, D.  (2009). The Importance of the Cilician Museum Collection for the History of Armenian Liturgical Metalwork.  Hask Armenological Yearbook. 439-447.
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Kuswa, Kevin Douglas
Kuswa, K.  (2009). Review of Displacing Place: Mobile Communication in the Twenty-first Century by Sharon Kleinman.  Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies.
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Mandaville, Alison
Mandaville, A.  (2009). Tailing Violence: Comics Narrative, Gender, and the Father-Tale in Art Spiegelman's Maus.  Philology: Special Issue on Violence and Representation. 44(2), 216-248.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). It’s a word! no, it’s a picture! interdisciplinary teaching of graphic literature.  Teaching the Graphic Novel. (pp.245-253) Modern Language Association of America Press.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Challenges and opportunities for faculty development in azerbaijan.  Contexts. 36-40.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Beyond bread and buses: women and work in azerbaijan in the 21st century.  Journal of Azerbaijani Studies. 12(4), 3-14.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Women and work in Azerbaijan: gender activism and sustainability in a post-soviet republic. Presented at National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.
Mandaville, A.  (2009). Resurrecting a literary aesthetic: cartooning in Azerbaijan. Presented at Annual Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels: Convergences: Comics, Culture and Globalization, Florida.
Mandaville, A.  (2009). Over any obstacle.  World Literature Today. 83(5), 14-17.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Working Around Words: Web-Cartooning in Azerbaijan.  The International Journal of Comic Arts. 11(2), 322-335.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). The nurser.  The Fertile Source.
Mandaville, A.  (2009). Rounding off.  Tipton Poetry Journal. 23.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Consolation.  Fifth Wednesday Journal. 102.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Two poems: “neighboring” and “compromise”.  Saxifrage. (pp.10,95) Tacoma, Washington: Pacific Lutheran University .
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). Genealogy of experience.  Magma. 39 .
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). The crash.  World Literature Today. 85(3), 18-25.
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Mandaville, A.  (2009). All is wonderful.  A drop of water. Azerbaijan Afghanistan Embassy Publications.
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Medina-Sancho, Gloria
Medina-Sancho, G.  (2009). Review of Género y violencia en la narrativa del Cono Sur (1954-2003) by Betina Kaplan.  MLN. 124(2), 531-533.
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Mjurka, Una
Mjurka, U.  (2009). Ink and Clay 35. 
Mjurka, U.  (2009). Land(e)scape. 
Moore, Scott
Moore, S., Wright, K., & Bernard, D.  (2009). Influences on health delivery system satisfaction: A partial test of the ecological model.  Health Communication. 24(4), 285-294.
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Moore, S., Adame, B., & Fowler, C.  (2009). An account for system influence in the analysis of patient satisfaction.  Emporia State Research Studies. 45(1), 1-5.
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Moreman, Shane
Calafell, B., & Moreman, S.  (2009). Envisioning an academic readership: Latina/o performativities per the form of publication.  Text and Performance Quarterly. 29(2), 123-130.
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Moreman, S.  (2009). Rethinking Dwight Conquergood: toward an unstated cultural politics.  Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies. 5(5), 1-13.
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Moreman, S.  (2009). Memoir as performance: strategies of hybrid ethnic identity.  Text & Performance Quarterly. 29(4), 350-370.
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Moreman, S.  (2009). In a post-Anzaldúan time, ‘¿What is mestizaje?.  The Review of Communication. 9(4), 365-367.
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Moreman, S., & Calafell, B.  (2009). Envisioning an academic readership: latina/o performativities per the form of publication.  Text & Performance Quarterly. 29(2), 123-130.
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Myers, Bradley
Myers, B.  (2009). The Man Who Came to Dinner. 
Nadaner, Daniel G.
Nadaner, D.  (2009). Exchange Show: Paintings and Video. 
Niles, Marnel
Niles, M., Dorsey, L., Clinkscales, M., & Nicotera, A.  (2009). Race as political identity: Problematic issues for applied communication.  Routledge handbook of applied communication research. (pp.203-232) New York: Routledge.
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Pierce, Tamyra A.
Pierce, T.  (2009). Social anxiety and technology: Face-to-face communication versus technological communication among teens.  Computers in Human Behavior. 25(6), 1367-1372.
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Potter, Nicholas R.
Potter, N.  (2009). Society of Spectacle. 
Ryan, Stephanie J.
Ryan, S.  (2009). Arts Visalia. 
Sharma, Devendra
Sharma, D.  (2009). Tap Your Feet, Move Your Body, Perform Your Story and Organize Yourself! Non-traditional Approaches of Analyzing Global Health Communication Interventions. Presented at National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL.
Sharma, D.  (2009). Encoding/decoding: indigenous performances as tools of change in the discourse of HIV/AIDS. Presented at National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL.
Skeen, Timothy D.
Skeen, T.  (2009). My borther's trombone.  The Southern Review. 45(3).
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Skeen, T.  (2009). Death's younger brother.  The Southern Review. 45(3).
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Skeen, T.  (2009). Soliders awaiting discharge.  Monkey Puzzle.
Thornton, Bruce
Thornton, B.  (2009). Dupes Review of United in Hate, by Jamie Glazov.  City Journal.
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Thornton, B.  (2009). Kingdom of iron and rust.  The New Criterion.
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Thornton, B.  (2009). Almost an Imperator.  The New Criterion.
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Thornton, B.  (2009). Review of A Brief History of the Private Lives of the Roman Emperors.  First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life. 60.
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Thornton, B.  (2009). Like father, like son.  The New Criterion.
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Waldman, Elizabeth
Waldman, E.  (2009). King Lear and The Comedy of Errors.  Sound Designer.
Wang, Xinchun
Wang, X.  (2009). Students' Attitudes toward Process and Product Oriented Online Collaborative Learning.  Solutions and Innovations in Web-Based Technologies for Augmented Learning: Improved Platforms, Tools, and Applications. (pp.15-34)
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Wang, X.  (2009). Process and Product Oriented Online Collaborative Learning Tasks.  Encyclopaedia of Distance Learning, 2nd Edition. (pp.1680-1685)
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Wang, X.  (2009). Process and product oriented online collabrative learning tasks.  Encyclopedia of distance learning. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference.
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Wein, Toni
Wein, T.  (2009). Confessions of a (Justified) Conference Snob.  Nineteenth Century Studies Association Newsletter. 7(2).
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