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35 achievements

35 achievements

Capitman, John
Capitman, J., Bengiamin, M., & Chambers, B.  (2014). Initiation of sexual intercourse and safe sex practices: an evidence-based replication of “reducing the risk.  California Journal of Health Promotion. 12(1), 16-26.
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Clarke, Kris
Clarke, K.  (2014). “And Then All of the Sudden, You’re Still Here with Bad Finnish”: North American Women’s Narratives of Cultural Adjustment in Finland.  Journal of Finnish Studies. 17(1, 2), 42-66.
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Garcia, Betty
Garcia, B.  (2014). Violence and safety: A social justice perspective.  International Handbook of Social Justice. London, England: Routledge.
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Hamel, Timothy A.
Hamel, T.  (2014). Ask the Expert section, “Coaching Confusion.”.  National Alliance for Youth Sport.
Hamel, T.  (2014). Journal of Sport Psychology in Action.  Journal of Sport Psychology in Action.
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Hamel, T.  (2014). Ask the Experts section, “Making the Call.”.  National Alliance for Youth Sport.
Hammons, Amber
Bost, K., Fiese, B., Wiley, A., McBride, B., Hammons, A., & Wittenauer, A.  (2014). The role of caregiver attachment in preschool children’s food consumption: Emotion regulation as a mediator.  Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. 50-61.
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Hammons, A., & Rafael, K.  (2014). Breakfast consumption and physical fitness in elementary school children.  Californian Journal of Health Promotion. 12(3), 88-92.
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Rafael, K., & Hammons, A.  (2014). Regular breakfast consumption and children’s performance on the California fitness test. Presented at the 35th Annual Central California Research Symposium, Fresno, CA.
Hardina, Donna
Hardina, D.  (2014). The use of dialogue in community organization practice: Using theory, values, and skills to guide group decision-making.  Journal of Community Practice. 365-384.
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Hardina, D.  (2014). Deferred action, immigration, and social work: What should social workers know?.  Journal of Policy Practice. 13(1), 30-44.
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Harris, Debra M.
McCarthy, M., Harris, D., & Tracz, S.  (2014). Academic and nursing aptitude and the NCLES-RN in Baccalaureate Programs.  Journal of Nursing Education. 53(3), 151-160.
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Hernandez, Virginia R.
Miltiades, H., Vungkhanching, M., & Rondero Hernandez, V.  (2014). Serving Co-Occurring Populations Effectively (SCOPE) Project: Year Three Evaluation. 
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Rondero Hernandez, V.  (2014). The Daring WayTM Training Evaluation Report. 
Hickey, Cheryl
, H., & , P.  (2014). Retrospective analysis of language-related cultural disparity trends in acute rehabilitation: Implications for health communication.  SALUD UNINORTE. 29(2), 201-213.
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Jaymin, Kwon
Bunting, M., Xiong, Y., Lam, S., Nwachukwu, E., Lee, K., Davis, J., ... Kwon, J.  (2014). Comparison of personal exposure of bicyclists to PM2.5, black carbon, and ultrafine particles in indoor and outdoor air. Presented at 35th Annual Central California Research Symposium, Fresno, CA.
Kwon, J., Hasson, A., Vu, K., & Olea, C.  (2014). Characterization of personal exposure to PM2.5, ultrafine particles with indoor and outdoor measurements in Fresno California. Presented at 24th Annual Meeting, International Society of Exposure Science (ISES), Cincinnati, OH.
Kwon, J.  (2014). Cyclists exposure to particulate matters in indoor and outdoor. Presented at 1st Annual Central Valley Symposium on Basic and Clinical Sciences, California Health Sciences University, Clovis, CA.
Lankford, Samuel
Ruan, B., Edginton, C., Lankford, S., & Chin, M.  (2014). One-child Policy in China: Implications and Strategies for Leisure Programming.  International Leisure Review. 248-293.
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Tan, J., Edginton, C., Lankford, S., & Dong, E.  (2014). Risk-taking Propensity and its Relationship to Achievement Motivation among Park and Recreation Directors.  International Leisure Review. 3(1), 5-32.
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Mahoney, Michael
Mahoney, M., & McMillen, J.  (2014). Facility Planning, Design, and Management of Mobility Assistance Programs: Review and Recommendations of Accessible Routes from Super Bowl XLV.  Journal of Facility Planning, Design and Management. 2(2), 69-80.
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Mahoney, M., & Tedrick, T.  (2014). Venuescape Attributes: Importance-Performance Perceptions of Spectators at a Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour Major.  Journal of Facility Planning, Design and Management. 2(1), 34-37.
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Tehrani, F., Alexandrou, A., Adhikari, D., Mahoney, M., & Maestas, R.  (2014). Energy Inputs and Carbon Dioxide Emissions During Construction of a Golf Course.  International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation. 6(2), 78-86.
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Moore-Reed, Stephanie
Gilbert, J., Moore-Reed, S., & Monreal, C.  (2014). The Psychological UNIFORM: Teaching a sport psychology curriculum to community college student-athletes. Presented at Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
Jamero, C., Anderson, T., Moore-Reed, S., Sailor, S., & Baldis, M.  (2014). Isokinetic Comparison of Collegiate Baseball Players with and without Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit (GIRD). Presented at Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.
Moore-Reed, S.  (2014). Posterior Shoulder Tightness in Overhead Athletes: An Evidence-Based Approach to Assessment and Intervention. Presented at California Athletic Trainers’ Association Leadership Development Conference and Clinical Symposium, Sacramento, CA.
Moore-Reed, S., Kibler, W., Sciascia, A., & Uhl, T.  (2014). Preliminary development of a clinical prediction rule for treatment of patients with suspected SLAP tears.  Arthroscopy. 30(12), 1540-1549.
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Strauch, S., Jackson, C., Thompson, M., Moore-Reed, S., & Coles, M.  (2014). Comparing Fall Risk of Older Adults in a Community-Based Fitness Program to Non-Participants. Presented at American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.
Uhl, T., Smith-Forbes, E., Moore-Reed, S., & Kibler, W.  (2014). Descriptive Analysis of Functional Limitations in Patients with Shoulder Pain Using G-Codes. Presented at APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.
Morales, Jacobo
Escobar, K., & Morales, J.  (2014). The Effect of Carbohydrate Intake on Crossfit Peformance and Associated Metabolic/Physiological Demands and Responses. Presented at Annual Southwest chapter meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, San Diego, CA.
Glassett, J., & Morales, J.  (2014). High School Sport Coaches and Physical Educators Strength and Conditioning Knowledge. Presented at Annual Southwest chapter meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, San Diego, CA.
Nisbett, Nancy
Berrett, B., Nisbett, N., & Lowe, M.  (2014). Effectiveness of a Faculty Mentoring Program: A Pilot Project. Presented at 2014 University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute, Albuquerque, NM.
Nisbett, N.  (2014). It takes a Village: The Value of Professional Mentoring. Presented at 2014 Recreation Therapy Institute, Ontario, CA.
Rivera, Monica
Rivera, M., Gorman, S., & McCarthy, L.  (2014). Reliability of the function in sitting test (FIST).  rehabilitation research and practice.
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Skelton, Steven
Skelton, S., & Hagopian, A.  (2014). Using randomized variable practice in the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech.  American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 23(4), 599-611.
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