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37 achievements

37 achievements

Clarke, Kris
Shapiro, M., Anderson, L., & Clarke, K.  (2015). Creating Courses about Global Forces: Global Challenges and General Education.  eJournal of Public Affairs. 4(1).
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Freed, Donald B.
Code, C., & Freed, D.  (2015). The Science of Aphasia Rehabilitation.  New York: Routledge.
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Hamel, Timothy A.
Hamel, T.  (2015). Athletic Insights Journal.  Athletic Insights Journal.
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Wade, G., Jenelle, G., & Hamel, T.  (2015). LA 84 The Art and Science of Coaching: Effective 4C’oaching in Youth Sport. 
Hammons, Amber
Fiese, B., Bowers, J., Teegarden, D., Hammons, A., Destefano, L., Garcia, G., ... Childress, A.  (2015). Development and evaluation of the transdisciplinary obesity prevention research sciences program. Presented at the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Conference, Athens, GA.
Hammons, A., Curley, T., Muro, B., & Singh, B.  (2015). 2014 Parent Survey Re Childhood Weight: Equipping Community Partners for Success. Presented at 8th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference, San Diego, CA.
Hammons, A., Singh, B., Curley, T., & Muro, B.  (2015). Knowledge is Power in the Fight Against Obesity. Presented at 8th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference, San Diego, CA.
Hardina, Donna
Hardina, D., Jendian, M., & Garoupa White, C.  (2015). Tactical decision-making: Community organizers describe ethical considerations in social action campaigns.  Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare.
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Jaymin, Kwon
Kwon, J., Zografos, K., Capitman, J., Hammond, K., North, E., Lurmann, F., ... Jia, Q.  (2015). Real­time mobile monitoring of traffic­related PM2.5, ultrafine particles, black carbon, and particle bound PAHs on walking routes in Fresno, California. Presented at 25th Annual Meeting, International Society of Exposure Science (ISES), Henderson, Nevada.
Minor, H., North, E., Vaughn, D., Kwon, J., Perrino, C., Hammond, K., & Lurmann, F.  (2015). Temporal and Spatial Variability of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Fresno, California 2014­-2015. Presented at American Association for Aerosol Research, 34th Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
North, E., Lurmann, F., Kwon, J., Vaughn, D., Minor, H., & Hammond, K.  (2015). Spatial and Temporal Trends in Traffic­Related Air Pollution from 1990 to 2015 in Fresno, California. Presented at 25th Annual Meeting, International Society of Exposure Science (ISES), Henderson, Nevada.
Kotkin-Jaszi, Suzanne
Hodge, F., Rahman, M., & Kotkin-Jaszi, S.  (2015). Prescription, OTC and Complementary Medicine Use among Hmong Adults in Central California.  Journal of Nursing & Care. 4(4).
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Lankford, Samuel
Lankford, S., & Wheeler, D.  (2015). An introduction to park management, 3rd edition.  Champaign-Urbana, IL: Sagamore Publishing.
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Lankford, S., & Mahoney, M.  (2015). Engaging with industry: collaborative action research as a useful tool in tourism, and public assembly venue management.  International Review. 2(4), 83-111.
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Mahoney, Michael
Mahoney, M., & Lankford, S.  (2015). Engaging With Industry: Collaborative Action Research As A Useful Tool In Tourism, And Public Assembly Venue Management.  International Leisure Review. 4(2), 83-111.
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Maul, Christine A.
Maul, C.  (2015). Working with culturally and linguistically diverse students and their families: Perceptions and practices of school speech-language therapists in the United States.  International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. 50(6), 750-762.
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Moore-Reed, Stephanie
Gilbert, J., Moore-Reed, S., & Clifton, A.  (2015). Teaching Sport Psychology for Now and the Future: The Psychological UNIFORM Curriculum with High School Varsity Student-Athletes. Presented at Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
Moore-Reed, S.  (2015). Corrective Exercise to Address Common Biomechanical Alterations throughout Each Phase of the Throwing Motion. Presented at Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium, San Diego, CA.
Moore-Reed, S.  (2015). Foundations of Evidence Based Practice in AT & Implementing EBP into AT Clinical Practice. Presented at California Athletic Trainers’ Association Leadership Development Conference and Clinical Symposium, Sacramento, CA.
Moore-Reed, S., Kerins, C., & Uhl, T.  (2015). Changes in Mobility Following Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization of the Posterior Shoulder Musculature. Presented at American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists Annual Conference, Asheville, NC.
Myers, N., Moore-Reed, S., & Kibler, W.  (2015). The Effect of Tennis Play on Glenohumeral Rotation in Female Athletes. Presented at 14th Society for Tennis Medicine and Science World Congress Conference, Rome, Italy.
White, J., Confides, A., Moore-Reed, S., Hoch, J., & Dupont-Versteegden, E.  (2015). Regrowth after skeletal muscle atrophy is impaired in aged rats, despite similar responses in signaling pathways.  Experimental Gerontology. 17-32.
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Morales, Jacobo
Escobar, K., & Morales, J.  (2015). he Effect of Carbohydrate Intake on Crossfit Peformance and Associated Metabolic/Physiological Demands and Responses. Presented at National Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, San Diego, CA.
Nisbett, Nancy
Nisbett, N.  (2015). Perspectives of Hospitality Industry Employees on Serving Travelers with Disabilities. Presented at 2015 Management, Knowledge, and Learning Joint International Conference, Bari, Italy.
Nisbett, N.  (2015). Organized Engagement? Designing Opportunities for Student (and Faculty) Success. Presented at 2015 International Education Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Perez, Miguel A.
Luquis, R., Brelsford, G., & Pérez, M.  (2015). Exploring Latino College Students Sexual Behaviors in Relation to Their Sexual Attitudes, Religiousness, and Spirituality.  Journal of Religion and Health. 54(4), 1345-1357.
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Perez, M., Perez, A., Arboleda, J., & Gonzalez, A.  (2015). Analisis comparativo del bajo peso al nacer entre madres adolescentes y mujeres adultas que alumbraron en el Hospital Regional Antonio Musa en el periodo 2008 – 2011.  Revista Dominicana de Investigacion para la Salud. 1(1), 22-36.
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Perez, M., Redican, K., & Edmonds, E.  (2015). Curricula alignment with the Updated Health Education Specialists Practice Analysis Results. Presented at Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Chicago, IL.
Pérez, M., Fortune, D., & Luqis, R.  (2015). Global health: Chartering a new mission for health education specialists.  Global Journal of Health Education and Promotion. 16(1), 76-84.
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Rios-Garcia, A., Alonso-Palacio, L., Erazo-Coronado, A., & Pérez, M.  (2015). Food security overview: The Colombian Experience.  Salud Uninorte. 31(1), 181-189.
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Silva, G., Arboleda, J., Luquis, R., Pérez, M., Corvala, A., & Gonzalez Diaz, E.  (2015). Health behaviors among first year college students in a private university in the Dominican Republic.  Global Journal of Health Education and Promotion. 16(2), 32-50.
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Pinzon-Perez, Helda
Pinzon-Perez, H., & Zelinski, C.  (2015). The Role of Teleconferences in Global Public Health Education.  Global Health Promotion.
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Rahman, M., Kotkin-Jaszi, S., Hodge, F., & Martinez, F.  (2015). Prescription, OTC and complementary medicine use among hmong adults in central California.  Nursing and Care. 4(4).
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Rivera, Monica
Belogolovsky, I., Katzman, W., Christopherson, N., Rivera, M., & Allen, D.  (2015). The effectiveness of exercise in treatment of pregnancy related lumbar and pelvic girdle pain: A meta-analysis and evidence based review.  Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy. 39(2), 53-64.
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Block, V., Rivera, M., Melnick, M., & Allen, D.  (2015). Do physical therapy interventions affect urinary incontinence and quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis?.  International Journal of MS Care. 17(4), 172-180.
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Singh, Bhupinder
Segal, N., Glass, N., Teran-Yengle, P., Singh, B., Wallace, R., & Yack, H.  (2015). Intensive Gait Training For Older Adults With Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis.  American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 94(10), 848-58.
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Singh, B., Yack, H., Francis, S., & Janz, K.  (2015). Biomechanical loads during common rehabilitation exercises in obese individuals.  International journal of sports physical therapy. 10(2), 189-96.
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