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11 achievements

11 achievements

Bommer Jr, William H.
Aquino, K., & Bommer, W.  (2003). Preferential Mistreatment: How Victim Status Moderates the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Workplace Victimization.  Organization Science. 14(4), 374-385.
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Bommer, W., Miles, E., & Grover, S.  (2003). Does one good turn deserve another? Coworker influences on employee citizenship.  Journal of Organizational Behavior. 24(2), 181-196.
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Workman, M., Kahnweiler, W., & Bommer, W.  (2003). The effects of cognitive style and media richness on commitment to telework and virtual teams.  Journal of Vocational Behavior. 63(2), 199-219.
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Chen, Kuang C.
Chen, K., Kim, S., & Xu, P.  (2003). Skewness Preference and Price Momentum.  International Journal of Management Theory and Practices. 75-87.
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Hansz, J Andrew
Cypher, M., & Hansz, J.  (2003). Does assessed value influence market value judgments?.  Journal of Property Research. 20(4), 305-318.
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Hansz, A.  (2003). Pending Mortgage Reference Points and Valuation Judgment. Presented at American Real Estate Society, Monterey, CA.
Jones, Ida M.
Jones, I.  (2003). Advice for the not ready for virtual time professors: lights, vamera, action! tips on creating a workable online course. Presented at Allied Academies International Conference.
Kalfayan, Garo
Kalfayan, G.  (2003). Minimizing social security taxes in spousal businesses.  The CPA Journal. 73(9), 70-72.
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Lacy, Richard C.
Lacy, R.  (2003). New Standards for Business Teacher Education Preparation in California.  California Business Education Journal.
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Moghaddam, Kamran
Moghaddam, K.  (2003). Simulation of Karoun-Dez reservoir system operation. Presented at Student Conference in Industrial Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran.
Tseng, Kuo-Cheng
Tseng, K.  (2003). Volatility of NASDAQ Stocks and Bubble Consequences. Presented at Asian Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Bangkok, Thailand.