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30 achievements

30 achievements

Avalos-Huerta, Antonio
Avalos-Huerta, A., & Savvides, A.  (2006). The Manufacturing Wage Inequality in Latin America and East Asia: Openness, Technology Transfer, and Labor Supply.  Review of Development Economics. 10(4), 553-576.
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Bommer Jr, William H.
Podsakoff, P., Bommer, W., Podsakoff, N., & Mackenzie, S.  (2006). Relationships between leader reward and punishment behavior and subordinate attitudes, perceptions and behaviors: A meta-analytic review of existing and new research.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 113-142.
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Chaffe-Stengel, Priscilla M.
Van Dyk, A., Chaffe-Stengel, P., Sanchez, R., & Olson-Buchanan, J.  (2006). The Role of Language Fluency in Organizational Commitment and Perceived Organizational Support in the Foodservice Industry.  Human resources in the foodservice industry: Organizational behavior management approaches. New York: Haworth Hospitality & Tourism Press.
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Chen, Kuang C.
Chen, K., & Wu, L.  (2006). State Ownership and Firm Value in China.  International Journal of Finance. 18(1), 3821-3846.
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Hansz, J Andrew
Hansz, A.  (2006). Information Asymmetry and the Age of Residential Property. Presented at Finance Management Association 2006 Conference, Salt Lake City, UT .
Hansz, A., & Oppenheimer, P.  (2006). Disclosing Interest Expense in Financial Statements of Firms that Self-Construct Assets: The Effect on Financial Analysis of Real Estate Investment Trusts.  Briefings in Real Estate Finance. 1-12.
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Henson, James M.
Henson, J.  (2006). Regional economic development issues within the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.  Journal of International Technology and Information Management. 4(15).
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Henson, J.  (2006). Factors That Inhibit Economic Development through ICT for Fresno, California: 2004 Data Compared to 2001 Data.  Review of Business Research.
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Henson, J.  (2006). A preliminary paper entitled Factors that Inhibit Economic Development through ICT for Fresno, California: 2004 Data Compared to 2001 Data. Presented at Proceedings of the annual conference of the International Academy of Business and Economics, Las Vegas, NV.
Kalfayan, Garo
Kalfayan, G.  (2006). Selecting a Business Entity and Planning Investor Participation by Modeling an Individual Investor’s Existing Activities.  Taxes - The Tax Magazine. 33.
Kemp, Deborah J.
Kemp, D.  (2006). Copyright Infringement: Indirect Liability, Grokster, and Its Effects. Presented at Proceedings, Academy of Legal Studies in Business, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Kemp, D., & Forsythe, L.  (2006). Trademarks and Geographical Indications: A Case of California Champagne.  Chapman Law Review. 10(2).
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Kwon, Ojoung
Min, D., & Kwon, O.  (2006). Reward Allocation Agent: Implementation of Reward Schemes in GSS – A Follow-up Study. Presented at Proceedings of the 18th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Maui, Hawaii.
Lin, Shu
Lin, S., Bardhan, I., Banker, R., & Chang, H.  (2006). Plant Information Systems, Manufacturing Capabilities and Plant Performance.  MIS Quarterly. 30(2), 315-337.
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Moghaddam, Jahanguir M.
Moghaddam, J.  (2006). Accounting Students’ Perceived Effectiveness of E-Learning in a Hybrid Course. Presented at The 18th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Maui, Hawaii.
Olson-Buchanan, Julie B.
Olson-Buchanan, J., & Boswell, W.  (2006). Blurring boundaries: Correlates of integration and segmentation between work and nonwork.  Journal of Vocational Behavior. 68(3), 432-445.
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Olson-Buchanan, J., & Drasgrow, F.  (2006). Multimedia situational judgment tests: The medium creates the message.  Situational judgment tests : theory, measurement, and application. (pp.253-278) Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.
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Peyvandi, Ali-Agha
Peyvandi, A.  (2006). Behavioral Management Issues on Budgeting. Presented at The13th annual conference of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, NV.
Solis, Rafael
Solis, R., & Tseng, K.  (2006). Cluster Analysis as a preprocessor for Fitting Aggregate Production Functions.  Journal of Global Business. 17(33), 33-44.
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Tseng, Kuo-Cheng
Tseng, K.  (2006). Behavioral Finance, Bounded Rationality, Neuro-Finance, and Traditional Finance.  Investment Management and Financial Innovations. 3(4), 7-18.
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Tseng, K.  (2006). Behavioral Finance, Bounded Rationality, Neurofinance, and Traditional Finance. Presented at 18th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issue, Maui, Hawaii.
Tseng, K.  (2006). Adaptive Market Hypothesis, Behavioral Finance, Bounded Rationality, and Efficient Market Hypothesis. Presented at Midwest Finance Association Annual Conferenc, Chicago, IL.
Tseng, K., & Solis, R.  (2006). Cluster Analysis as a preprocessor for Fitting Aggregate Production Functions.  Journal of Global Business. 17(33), 33-44.
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Vozikis, George S.
Vozikis, G.  (2006). Acting as a Consultant to the Business Family. Presented at Family Firm Institute Annual Conference, San Francisco, California .
Vozikis, G.  (2006). From Loyalty Blooms Success.  The Fresno Bee.
Vozikis, G.  (2006). Full Flavor Dream.  The Fresno Bee. pp. C1-2.
Vozikis, G., Hatziioannou, A., Korra, E., Verriopoulou, R., Smith, D., & Weaver, M.  (2006). Turbulence in Family Business Succession Planning Due to Unexpected Events. Presented at Western Division of the Decision Sciences Institute, Waikoloa, Hawaii .
Vozikis, G., Pyromalis, V., Kalkanteras, T., Rogdaki, M., & Sigalas, G.  (2006). The Success of the Family Business Succession Process: Does Gender Matter?.  Handbook of Research on Family Business. (pp.422-442) Northampton, MA: Elgar Publishing.
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Wang, Jia
Coffey, B., & Wang, J.  (2006). Service learning in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) integrative course: An experience in China.  Journal of Education for Business. 119-124.
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Yazdipour, Rassoul
Yazdipour, R.  (2006). Behavioral Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance: A Short Note.  Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures. 11(1).
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