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Lyles College of Engineering » 1995
5 achievements

5 achievements

Bengiamin, Nagy
Bengiamin, N., & Lakshmipathi, C.  (1995). Analysis and Design of Hybrid Controllers: A Novel Architecture. Presented at American Control Conference, Seattle, WA.
Miles, A., & Bengiamin, N.  (1995). The Design of Switched Eddy-Current Ironless Motors.  IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 31(6), 4226.
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Swain, N., & Bengiamin, N.  (1995). On Reactive Power Compensation. Presented at IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Vancouver, Canada.
Tehrani, Fariborz
Tehrani, F., & Hassani, A.  (1995). Stability of Seismically Isolated Masonry Buildings Against Earthquake. Presented at The 2nd International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Eng.
Tehrani, F., & Massoud, A.  (1995). Experimental Studies of Dynamic Behavior of Structures on Sliding Foundation Subjected to Sinusoidal Excitation. Presented at The 2nd National Seminar on Analytical and Experimental Study of Dynamic Response of Structures, Gilan.