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12 achievements

12 achievements

Bengiamin, Nagy
Wang, P., & Bengiamin, N.  (2005). Vibration Powered Electric Systems – A MEMS Device. Presented at IASTED International Conference on Circuits, Signals, and Systems, Marina del Rey, CA.
Hecht, Robert
Hecht, R., & Griffith, K.  (2005). The Rhombic Wire Slow Wave Antenna. Presented at International Conference on Scientific Computing, Las Vegas .
Kim, Young
Kim, Y., Gerwell, M., & Ling, H.  (2005). Application of the Cauchy method to genetic algorithms for broadband antenna design. Presented at IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, Washington, DC.
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Kim, Y., Noh, Y., & Ling, H.  (2005). Broadband on-glass antenna with mesh-grid structure for automobiles.  Electronics Letters. 41(21), 1148-1149.
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Kim, Y., & Ling, H.  (2005). Equivalent circuit modeling of UWB antennas using a modified Cauchy method. Presented at 2005 URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Washington D.C.
Kriehn, Gregory
Colice, M., Weverka, T., Kriehn, G., Schlottau, F., & Wagner, K.  (2005). Holographic method of cohering fiber tapped delay lines.  Applied optics. 44(25), 5257-72.
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Wang, Nan
Wang, N., & Bayoumi, M.  (2005). Dynamic fraction control bus: new SOC on-chip communication architecture design. Presented at IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC), Washington, DC.
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Wright, William
Rittmann, B., Chung, J., Wright, W., & Bowman, R.  (2005). Remediation of perchlorate and other co-contaminants using the hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor. Presented at American Chemical Society Annual Conference, Washington D.C.
Wright, W.  (2005). Dairy manure particle size distribution, properties, and implications for manure handling and treatment. Presented at American Society of Agricultural Engineers Annual International Meeting, Tampa, Florida.
Wright, W.  (2005). Defining manure solid-liquid separation unit efficiency. Presented at American Society of Agricultural Engineers Annual International Meeting, Tampa, Florida .
Wright, W., Schroeder, E., & Chang, D.  (2005). Transient Response of Flow-Direction-Switching Vapor-Phase Biofilters.  Journal of Environmental Engineering. 131(7), 999.
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Wright, W., Schroeder, E., & Chang, D.  (2005). Regular Transient Loading Response in a Vapor-Phase Flow-Direction-Switching Biofilter.  Journal of Environmental Engineering. 131(12), 1649-1658.
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