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7 achievements

7 achievements

Bengiamin, Nagy
Bengiamin, N.  (2013). Efficient drives for single-phase AC motors: analysis and applications.  International Journal of Modern Engineering. 13(2), 25-33.
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Kim, Young
Kim, Y., & Fulop, S.  (2013). Speaker identification made easy with pruned reassigned spectrograms. Presented at 21st International Congress on Acoustics (ICA), Montreal, CA.
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Liu, Lubo
Liu, L.  (2013). Assessment of spring chinook salmon habitat suitability in the San Joaquin River using a 20D depth-averaged model.  International Journal of Water Sciences. 2(5).
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Tehrani, Fariborz
McComb, C., & Tehrani, F.  (2013). Enhancement of Concrete Composite Decks. Presented at 2013 Conference of the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
Nelson, F., Bohlin, C., Brady, M., Williams, D., Runde, K., Papavasiliou, N., & Tehrani, F.  (2013). Growing STEM Learning Experiences for Future Elementary Teachers. Presented at Science & Math Teacher Imperative 2013 National Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.
Rodriguez, B., & Tehrani, F.  (2013). Lightweight Aggregate Application as Backfill Material. Presented at The 34th Annual Central California Research Symposium.
Xiao, M., Tehrani, F., & Zoghi, M.  (2013). Seismic Responses of MSE Walls Using Accelerated Alternative Backfill Materials with Recycled Tires Shreds and Lightweight Expanded Aggregates.