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12 achievements

12 achievements

Kim, Young
Kim, Y., & Javier, R.  (2014). Application of linear predictive coding for human activity classification based on micro-doppler signatures.  IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 11(10), 1831-1834.
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Kim, Y.  (2014). Detection of human eye blinking using Doppler radar. Presented at IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, Memphis, TN.
Kim, Y.  (2014). Human detection using Doppler radar with micro-Doppler and physical characteristics of targets. Presented at IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, Memphis, TN.
Tehrani, Fariborz
McOmb, C., & Tehrani, F.  (2014). Research and Practice Group Methodology: A Case Study in Student Success. Presented at 2014 ASEE Zone IV Conference.
Munji, H., Tehrani, F., Xiao, M., & Zoghi, M.  (2014). A Numerical Simulation on the Dynamic Response of MSE Wall with LWA Backfill. Presented at Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering.
Tehrani, F., Alexandrou, A., Adhikari, D., Mahoney, M., & Maestas, R.  (2014). Energy Inputs and Carbon Dioxide Emissions During Construction of a Golf Course.  International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation. 6(2), 78-86.
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Tehrani, F., Nelson, F., Papavasiliou, N., Bohlin, C., & Brady, M.  (2014). Integrating STEM into K­6 Teacher Education: A Multi­Disciplinary Approach to Faculty Collaboration. Presented at 2014 Zone IV American Society for Engineering Education Conference, Long Beach, CA.
Tehrani, F., Papavasiliou, N., Nelson, F., Bohlin, C., & Brady, M.  (2014). Engineering Literacy: Educating Prospective Elementary School Teachers to Lay the Foundation for a More Knowledgeable / Well - Prepared Generation of Engineering Students. Presented at 2014 ASEE Zone IV Conference.
Tehrani, F., Regier, J., & Hoffman, K.  (2014). Modeling Civil Engineering Practices in Student Activities. Presented at Zone IV American Society for Engineering Education, California State University, Long Beach, CA.
Tehrani, F., & Serrano, R.  (2014). Crack Propagation of Concrete Beams Prestressed with Single Strand Tendons.  Journal of Civil Engineering Research. 4(3), 71-81.
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Xiao, M., Tehrani, F., Ledezma, M., Hartman, C., & Munjy, H.  (2014). Shake Table Testing and Numerical Analyses of Seismic Responses of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall with Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) Backfill. Presented at Transportation Research Board (TRB) 93rd Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Wu, Wei
Fan, Q., Wu, W., & Yang, X.  (2014). GIS-BIM based virtual facility energy assessment (VFEA)—framework development and use case of California State University, Fresno. Presented at 2014 International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, Orlando, Florida.
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