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107 achievements

107 achievements

Bradshaw, Julia
Bradshaw, J.  (2011). Situating the Photography and Video Art from the Fresno Feminists Art Program within the History of Photography.  Exposure.
Bradshaw, J.  (2010). Building a World.  Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Criticism. 38(3).
Bradshaw, J.  (2009). Conversations: Book Arts. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2009). Multicultural Film Festival. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). 4th Annual International Small Film Festival. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). Conversations. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). Faculty Show: Conley Art Gallery. 
Bradshaw, J.  (2008). SPE West Conference- Multi Media Film Festival. 
Bradshaw, J.  Nocturnal. 
Bradshaw, J.  Annual Auction. 
Bradshaw, J.  Photographic Series and Artist Books. 
Bradshaw, J.  Air. 
Bradshaw, J.  Cut Pieces. 
Bradshaw, J.  Recreation. 
Brian, Nancy
Brian, N.  Blue Winery Guest Village. 
Durette, Paula J.
Durette, P.  (2009). Frameline 33: LGBT Film Festival. 
Durette, P.  (2009). Inside/Out: Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 
Durette, P.  (2009). Takoma Park Film Festival. 
Durette, P.  Numerology. 
Fleming, Paulette
Fleming, P.  (2010). Linking the Legacy Approaches to the Teaching of African and African American Art.  Art, Culture, and Ethnicity. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.
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Gillum, Edward
Gillum, E.  (2009). Nature's Blue. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Reveiller video projection. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Spectrum Gallery. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). Tenshu Shinbashira. 
Gillum, E.  (2009). To 2 Too. 
Gillum, E.  (2008). Alchemy. 
Gillum, E.  (2008). The Faculty Show. 
Hansen, Doug
Geiger, N.  (2013). The Sierra Adventure Coloring Book Featuring Yosemite National Park.  Yosemite Assn.
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Hansen, D.  (2013). Aesop in California.  Berkeley, Calif.: Heyday.
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Brumage, K.  (2011). Super Silly Yosemite Sticker and Activity Book.  Heyday.
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Hansen, D.  (2010). Bullet Proof. 
Hansen, D.  (2010). Move Shake Drop. 
Hansen, D.  (2010). Centennial Alumni Invitational Exhibition. 
Hansen, D.  (2009). Mother Goose in California.  Berkeley, CA : Heyday Press .
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Hansen, D.  (2009). Schmooze and Booze. 
Hansen, D.  (2008-2009). Tree Portraits.  Fresno State Magazine.
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Hansen, D.  (2008). Masumoto articles.  The Fresno Bee.
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Hansen, D.  (2008). Kaweah Oaks Preserve Interpretive Panels. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Fresno Agriculture Signs. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Season of Revenge & Romance. 
Hansen, D.  (2008). Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners Brochure. 
Masumoto, D.  (2007). Heirlooms: Letters from a Peach Farmer.  Berkeley, Calif.: Great Valley Books/Heyday Books.
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Masumoto, D.  (2004). Letters to the Valley - A Harvest of Memories.  Berkeley, Calif.: Heyday Books.
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Jordan, Keith
Jordan, K.  (2009). Independencia en las Americas: History, Impact, and Consequences. 
Jordan, K.  (2008). Surrealist visions of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and the legacy of Colonialism: The good, the (revalued) bad, and the ugly.  Journal of Surrealism and the Americas. 2(1), 25-63.
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Krejcar Sharma, Joan
Sharma, J.  (2011). India Study Tour and Mithila Art Institute student work and documentary video and letters from Mithila Art Institute students. 
Sharma, J.  (2011). Youth Orchestras of Fresno Fundraiser. 
Sharma, J.  (2011). California Contemporary Art Collective Window Project. 
Sharma, J.  (2011). Reveiller. 
Sharma, J.  (2010). Warnors Window Project. 
Sharma, J.  (2008). Faculty Art Show. 
Sharma, J.  (2008). Small Treasures: Artist Miniatures. 
Sharma, J.  All Things Fresno. 
Mjurka, Una
Mjurka, U.  (2009). Ink and Clay 35. 
Mjurka, U.  (2009). Land(e)scape. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Faculty Show. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Harvest. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Pottery and Ceramics of La Rambla. 
Mjurka, U.  (2008). Small Treasures. 
Mjurka, U.  Feats of Clay XXIV. 
Mjurka, U.  Magic Dirt. 
Mjurka, U.  Feast or Famine. 
Nadaner, Daniel G.
Nadaner, D.  (2009). Exchange Show: Paintings and Video. 
Nadaner, D.  (2008). Teaching Perception Through Video Art.  Art Education. 61(1), 19-24.
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Nadaner, D.  (2008). Social theory and social practice in art teacher education.  InCITE, inSIGHT, inSITE: Journal of social theory in art education: The first 25 years. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.
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Nadaner, D.  (2008). Los Angeles Artcore. 
Nadaner, D.  (2008). Video Landscapes. 
Nadaner, D.  (2004). The Painting of Sylvia Lark.  Responding to Art: Form, Content, and Context. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.
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Nadaner, D.  (2002). Issues of the body in contemporary art.  Contemporary Issues in Art Education. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.
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Nadaner, D.  (1998). Painting in An Era of Critical Theory.  Studies in Art Education. 39(2), 168-182.
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Nadaner, D.  (1993). On Relatedness between the Arts: Crossovers between Painting and Poetry.  Journal of Aesthetic Education. 27(1), 31-39.
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Nadaner, D.  (1993). Monotype and The Art of Surprise.  School Arts. 92(7), 31-34.
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Nadaner, D.  (1991). The Abstract Painting of Joan Mitchell and Sylvia Lark.  Worlds of art. Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield Pub. Co..
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Nadaner, D.  (1990). Dignity in the face of gravity's victory.  Fresno Art Museum. 12-12.
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Nadaner, D.  (1990). The Need for Openness in Art Education.  Journal of Social Theory and Art Education.
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Egan, K., & Nadaner, D.  (1988). Imagination and education.  New York: Teachers College Press.
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Nadaner, D.  (1987). Patterns of Feeling and Action, a Review of Companeras: Women, Art, and Social Change in Latin America by Betty LaDuke.  Art Education. 40(3), 49.
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Nadaner, D.  (1986). What only painting can do.  Fuller Goldeen Gallery. 3-4.
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Nadaner, D.  (1986). Seen in an intimate light.  Jeremy Stone Gallery. 3-4.
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Nadaner, D.  (1986). Histories within the gaze.  Erika Meyerovich Gallery, San Francisco. 3-3.
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Nadaner, D.  (1986). From a shadow world.  University Art Museum. 1-1.
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). Alternatives to formalism.  Fuller Goldeen Gallery. 7-7.
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). A World of specific things.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, traveling exhibit. 1-1.
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). Social Theory and Social Practice In Art Teacher Education.  Bulletin of The Caucus On Social Theory and Art Education.
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). The Art Teacher As Cultural Mediator.  Journal of Multi-Cultural and Cross- Cultural Research In Art Education. 3(3).
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). Mental Imagery And Art Education.  Visual Arts Research. 2(1), 84-89.
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Nadaner, D.  (1985). Responding to the Image World: A Proposal for Art Curricula.  Art Education. 38(1), 9-12.
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Nadaner, D.  (1984). My new friend painted that!: developing social understanding through art criticism.  Art Education. 24-26.
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Nadaner, D.  (1984). Critique and Intervention: Implications of Social Theory for Art Education.  Studies in Art Education. 26(1), 20-26.
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Nadaner, D.  (1984). Film and Cognition: A Critical Review of Current Theory.  Studies in Art Education. 25(2), 121-129.
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Nadaner, D.  (1983). Marginal Images: Art and Ideology in the School.  Bulletin of the Caucus on Social Theory And Art Education.
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Nadaner, D.  (1983). On Art And Social Understanding: Lessons From Alfred Schutzw.  Journal of Multi-Cultural and Cross-Cultural Research In Art Education. 1(1).
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Nadaner, D.  (1983). Building Theory-Practice Interactions in Art Teacher Education.  Visual Arts Research. 9(1(17)), 64-70.
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Nadaner, D.  (1983). Toward an analysis of the educational value of film and television.  Interchange Interchange. 14(1), 43-55.
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Nadaner, D.  (1982). Recognizing Social Issues In the art Curriculum.  Bulletin of The Caucus On Social Theory And Art Education. 72-75.
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Nadaner, D.  (1981). Art education in social context.  The bulletin of the Caucus on Social Theory and Art Education.
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Nadaner, D.  (1981). Art and Cultural Understanding: The Role of Film in Education.  Art Education. 34(4), 6-8.
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Nadaner, D.  (1978). Bibliography on perception and the museum environment.  The art museum as educator: A collection of studies as guides to practice and policy. Berkeley: University of California Press.
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Nadaner, D.  Nihon Blue. 
Potter, Nicholas R.
Potter, N.  (2009). Society of Spectacle. 
Potter, N.  (2008). 'Gifted' Show. 
Ryan, Stephanie J.
Ryan, S.  (2009). Arts Visalia. 
Valencia, Martin
Valencia, M.  (2008). Arte Americas. 
Valencia, M.  (2008). Aprender Es Vivir. 
Youdelman, Nancy S.
Youdelman, N.  (2011). UnCommon Threads. 
Youdelman, N.  (2011). Hidden Cities. 
Youdelman, N.  (2011). LA Rising: Social Art Before 1980.