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13 achievements

13 achievements

Forsythe, Lynn M.
Davidson, D., & Forsythe, L.  (2011). Web Site for Business Law: Principles and Cases in the Legal Environment.  Aspen Publishers, Inc. .
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Davidson, D., & Forsythe, L.  (2011). The entrepreneur's legal companion.  Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.
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Forsythe, L.  (2011). Using the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine to Protect Trade Secrets. Presented at Western Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Monterey, CA.
Forsythe, L., Geringer, S., & Patterson, D.  (2011). U.S. Generation Y European Wine Purchases: An Empirical Study. Presented at Marketing Management Association, Chicago, IL.
Hansz, J Andrew
Hansz, A.  (2011). Property Sector Diversification in Domestic Real Estate Portfolios: A Cointegration Approach. Presented at American Real Estate Society Conference 2011, Seatlle, WA.
Hansz, A.  (2011). Media Content and REIT Returns. Presented at Academy of Economics and Finance Conference 2011, Jacksonville, FL.
Hansz, J., & Almudhaf, F.  (2011). Systematic Equity Return Patterns in Listed European Property Companies.  International Real Estate Review. 14(1), 61-84.
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Hansz, J., & Arou, R.  (2011). The Role of Dual-pane Windows and Improvement Age in Explaining Residential Transaction Prices.  Journal of Sustainable Real Estate. 3(1), 142-161.
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Jones, Ida M.
Jones, I.  (2011). Can you see me now? defining teaching presence in the online classroom through building a learning community.  Journal of Legal Studies Education. 28(1), 67-116.
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La Rosa, Patricia A.
Hatcher, M., Henson, J., & LaRosa, P.  (2011). Online Courses versus Face-to-Face: Looking beyonf the delivery method. Presented at Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Boston, MA.
Lee, Kevin K.
Lee, K., Fogel, K., & McCumber, W.  (2011). The institutional impact on the outreach and profitability of microfinance organizations.  Handbook of research on innovation and entrepreneurship. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
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Lee, K., Hall, J., Kern, T., Yeager, T., & King, T.  (2011). A Value-at-Risk Approach to Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing at US Commercial Banks.  Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions. 5(1), 60-75.
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Shahrokhi, Manuchehr
Shahrokhi, M.  (2011). Beyond the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. Presented at Global Finance Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.