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10 achievements

10 achievements

Mahalik, Nitaigour
Anastasio, M., Garabedian, K., Suprem, A., Thao, T., Vue, R., Yang, G., & Mahalik, N.  (2015). Remotely Controlled Prototype End Effector Design for Tree Fruit Picking Applications. Presented at Central California Research Symposium, Fresno State.
Mahalik, P.  (2015). Interdisciplinary State ­of­the­art Technology Systems for Agriculture and Military Applications. Presented at Presidents Showcase for Excellence 2015, Fresno State.
Prem, M., & Kiseon, K.  (2015). The Role of Information Technology Developments in Food Supply Chain Integration and Monitoring.  . Woodhead Publishing.
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Sethuramasamyraja, Balaji
, R., & Sethuramasamyraja, B.  (2015). Design and Development of Carbon Foot Print Calculator for Life Cycle Assessment of Green House Gas Emission of Pistachio Farming in California. Presented at ASABE, St. Joseph, Michigan.
Sethuramasamyraja, B., Simonian, N., & Austin, D.  (2015). Development of unmanned aerial vehicle systems for terrain mapping and geospatial data management.  International Journal of Geomatics and Geoscience. 5(3), 404-415.
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Sethuramasamyraja, B.  (2015). Development of Orchard and Vineyard Removal Protocol for Central Valley California. Presented at ASABE, St. Joseph, Michigan.
Sethuramasamyraja, B.  (2015). Irrigation Systems for California Agriculture – Design, Comparison and Conservation. Presented at ASABE, St. Joseph, Michigan.
Sethuramasamyraja, B.  (2015). Pivot Irrigation System with GPS Guidance and Precision Agriculture. Presented at ASABE, St. Joseph, Michigan.
Zhang, Daming
Xu, P., Wang, Z., & Song, S.  (2015). Opinion Leadership and Chinese Consumers Attitudes Toward Pork with a Quality and Safety Label.  Chinese Economy. 48(1), 41-56.
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Xu, P., Wei, R., & Zhang, D.  (2015). Economic Impact Analysis of a New Construction on the Local Economy. Presented at 2015 International Conference on Management, Wuhan, China.