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7 achievements

7 achievements

Egan, Candace
Egan, C., & Theisen, A.  (2005). Earth and Environmental Science Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment Videos. 
Pierce, Tamyra A.
Pierce, T.  (2005). Violence in the News: Attachment Styles as Moderators of Priming Effects.  Journal of Media Psychology. 10(1).
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Priest, Donald
Priest, D.  (2005). The Bulldog Sports Report. 
Priest, D.  (2005). The Blue Buffet. 
Priest, D.  (2005). Another 15 Minutes. 
Priest, D.  (2005). Summer Arts Celebrates The Blues. 
Rice, Gary
Rice, G., Shafer, R., & Freedman, E.  (2005). A Portrayal of Asian Immigrants in the American Press: A Case Study of Racist Coverage of a 1909 Chinatown Murder.  Journal of Development Communication. 16(2), 48-61.
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