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84 achievements

84 achievements

Beaman, M Teresa
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Escuela Moderna de Musica. 
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamerican (ICPNA). 
Beaman, T., Boone, B., Telemann, P., Debussy, C., Varese, E., Hoover, K., ... Dick, R.  (2009). Escuela de Música. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). St. Matthew Passion. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Words and Music. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Divertimento Concert. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Central California Flute Festival. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Paul Badura Skoda, “Sonata Romantique.”. 
Beaman, T.  (2009). Robert Dick, “Lookout”. 
Beaman, T.  (2008). CSU SummerArts: Composer & Performer Collaboration. 
Beaman, T.  (2008). From the Chair of the Finance Committee.  The Flutist Quarterly. 33(4).
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Beaman, T.  (2008). John Rutter, “Gloria,” 8 & 9. 
Boone, Benjamin
Boone, B., & Darling, M.  (2011). Prayer for Peace. 
Boone, B.  (2011). Bayerischer Rundfunk Studio Franken. 
Boone, B.  (2011). Chasing Tweetie. 
Okada, B., Boone, B., & Lachs, L.  (2011). The modalities and intervallic relationships in agreeable and disagreeable dyadic conversation. Presented at 8th Annual CSU Honors Consortium, Pomona, CA.
Boone, B., & Mitchell, S.  (2009). Rogue Festival. 
Caldwell, Michael
Caldwell, M.  (2013). Diversifying the Faculty at a Hispanic Serving Institution in California: Opportunities and Challenges. Presented at Keeping Our Faculty of Color Symposium (with Juan Carlos Gonzalez, KSOEHD Faculty), University of Minnesota.
Caldwell, M.  (2009). California Band Directors Association Conference. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). The Temptations and Four Tops. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). Dr. Alan Durst Faculty Recital. 
Caldwell, M.  (2009). Jazz in the Park. 
Caldwell, M.  (2008). Compact Disc Recording Session. 
Caldwell, M.  (2008). National Cathedral and St. Alban’s School Orchestras. 
Caldwell, M.  (2008). Jazz Composer’s Orchestra. 
Darling, Matthew
Darling, M.  (2011). National Flute Association Convention. 
Darling, M.  (2011). Wicked Broadway National Tour. 
Darling, M.  (2011). Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Nyumbani “Pond”. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Central California Flute Festival Gala Concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Kenneth Froelich, Neurotica. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Arizona Musicfest Orchestra. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Premiere Designs Jewelry Convention. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Fresno State University and Clovis High School Percussion Ensemble joint concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Clovis West High School Percussion Ensemble Concert. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Fresno State Wind Orchestra. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Orpheus Chamber Group. 
Darling, M.  (2009). Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra. 
Darling, M., & Longshore, T.  (2008). San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust Fundraising Dinner. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Sacramento Choral Society. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Fresno Philharmonic Children’s Concert Series. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Kenneth Froelich, Accidental Migration. 
Darling, M.  (2008). The Reluctant Dragon and Requiem Rutter. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Carmina Burana “O Fortuna”. 
Darling, M.  (2008). Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra: Holiday Concert. 
Froelich, Kenneth D.
Froelich, K.  (2013). Crescent Shadows. 
Froelich, K.  (2013). Small Messages. 
Froelich, K.  (2013). Symphony No. 1. 
Dowben, J., Steele, D., Froelich, K., Vance, D., & Keltner, N.  (2012). Biological Perspectives: Remember the Thyroid.  Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 48(2), 65-69.
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Froelich, K.  (2012). Visionary. 
Froelich, K.  (2011). Tock. 
Froelich, K.  (2011). Jubilation Fanfare. 
Froelich, K.  (2011). Braindance. 
Froelich, K.  (2010). Pulse Mutations. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Pocket Knives, Paper Football.”. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Blue Fire. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Júbilo. 
Froelich, K.  (2009). Neurotica. 
Froelich, K.  (2007). Accidental Migration. 
Gilroy, Gary
Gilroy, G., & Engstrom, D.  (2009). Fresno State Wind Orchestra Joint Concert with Fresno City College. 
Gilroy, G.  (2009). Band Spectacular. 
Gilroy, G.  (2009). 10th Annual Fresno State High School Concert Band Invitational. 
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Olympic Orchestra Tutti Repertoire. 
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Fresno State Wind Orchestra Concert with Clovis North High School. 
Gilroy, G.  (2008). Fresno State University Football Game Performance. 
Hamre, Anna Ruth
Hamre, A.  (2009). Morton Lauridsen’s Lux aeterna. 
Hamre, A.  (2008). Kingsway International. 
Hiebert, Lenore E.
Hiebert, L.  (2011). Leon S. Peters Ellipse. 
Hiebert, L.  (2011). Orpheus Chamber Ensemble. 
Hiebert, Tom N.
Hiebert, T.  (2011). Leon S. Peters Ellipse. 
Hiebert, T.  (2011). Fresno State Alumni Horn Ensemble. 
Joseph Weil, Helene F.
Joseph-Weil, H.  (2011). Orpheus Chamber Ensemble. 
Karr, John
Karr, J.  (2013). An Anthology of Fifteenth-Century Italian Psalms.  Lions Bay, Canada: The Institute of Mediaeval Music.
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Weaver, R., Parisi, S., Karr, J., & Pampaloni, C.  (2012). The music library of a noble Florentine family: A catalogue raisonné of manuscripts and prints of the 1720s to the 1850s collected by the Ricasoli Family now housed in the University of Louisville Music Library: With essays on the history of the collection and music in the Ricasoli Chapels and household by Robert Lamar Weaver.  Sterling Heights, Mich.: Harmonie Park Press.
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Karr, J.  (2010). An Anthology of Fifteenth-century Italian Psalms.  Ottawa: Institute of Medieval Music.
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Karr, J., & McGee, T.  (2004). Review of Improvisation in the Arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Renaissance Quarterly. 57(3), 1088-1089.
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Karr, J.  (2003). Selected sacred works by eighteenth-century Florentine composers.  Louisville, Ky.: Musica Toscana, Inc..
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Karr, J.  (1999). Motet: Renaissance.  Reader's guide to music: History, theory, criticism. Chicago, IL: Fitzroy Dearborn.
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Karr, J.  (1999). Italy: Musical Centers, Renaissance.  Reader's guide to music: History, theory, criticism. Chicago, IL: Fitzroy Dearborn.
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Karr, J.  (1999). Fauxbourdon.  Reader's guide to music: History, theory, criticism. Chicago, IL: Fitzroy Dearborn.
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Loewenheim, Thomas
Loewenheim, T.  (2010). Dvořák. 
Werz, Andreas
Werz, A.  (2011). 1876 Centennial Steinway Inaugural Concert. 
Werz, A.  (2010). Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the Fresno Youth Symphony. 
Whitehead, Corey
Whitehead, C., & Alcantara-Rojas, J.  (2007). The Life and History of a Scholarly Culture: A speculative view of flamenco harmony and its application.  The Flamenco Australia Online Magazine.