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4 achievements

4 achievements

Fugelsang, Kenneth C.
Fugelsang, K.  (2014). Overview of yeast selection and malolactic fermentation on aroma flavor and phenols. Presented at Mid-Western Grape and Wine Symposium, St. Cloud, MI.
Fugelsang, K.  (2014). Deisnger yeast and Bacteria: Selection based upon wine aroma and flavor profiles. Presented at Laffort Tech Symposium, Fresno, CA.
Fugelsang, K.  (2014). Wine microbiology workshop. Presented at Iowa State University, Ames, IA.
Kennedy, James Austin
Kennedy, J., Madani, S., Bindon, K., Pendleton, P., & Smith, P.  (2014). Factors affecting skin tannin extractability in ripening grapes.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 62(5), 1130-1141.
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