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Alamillo, Laura

Kremen School of Education and Human Development » Department of Literacy & Early Education
Alamillo, L., & Arenas, R.  (2012). Chicano Children’s Literature: Using Bilingual Children's Books to Promote Equity in the Classroom.  Multicultural Education Magazine. 19(4).
Alamillo, L., Padilla, F., & Arenas, R.  (2011). A Focus on Faculty: A Teacher Education Program Improving the Preparation of Teachers of English Learner Students.  Journal of Latinos and Education. 10(3), 261-276.
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Alamillo, L.  (2007). Selecting Chicano Children's Literature in a Bilingual Classroom: Investigating Issues of Cultural Authenticity and Avoiding Stereotypes.  Journal of the Association of Mexican American Educators. 26-32.
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Alamillo, L., Garcia, E., Palmer, D., & Viramontes, C.  (2005). California’s English Only Policies: An Analysis of Initial Effects, in Leaving Children Behind: How Texas-style Accountability Fails Latino Youth.  . Albany: State University of New York Press.
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