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Alexandrou, Athanasios

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology » Department of Plant Science
Alexandrou, A., Tenbergen, K., & Adhikari, D.  (2013). Energy Balance of a Typical U.S. Diet.  Foods. 2(2), 132-142.
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Alexandrou, A., Vyrlas, P., Adhikari, D., & Goorahoo, D.  (2009). Energy Inputs for Cantaloupe Production in San Joaquin Valley, California.  Agricultural Engineering International: the CIGR Ejournal. 1150-2220.
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Maestas, R., Alexandrou, A., Bushoven, J., Goorahoo, D., & Adhikari, D.  (2012). Energy inputs and carbon dioxide emissions from turf maintenance equipment on a golf course in California.  Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal. 14(1), 51.
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