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Badruddoja, Roksana

College of Social Sciences » Women's Studies Program
Badruddoja, R.  (2010). Eyes of a Storm: Voice of South Asian-American Women (Revised Edition).  San Diego, CA: Cognella Press.
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Badruddoja, R.  (2008). Contesting Maternal Ideology and the Yonic Myths of Motherhood: An Autoethnography.  Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering. 10(1).
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Badruddoja, R.  (2008). Queer Spaces, Places, and Gender: The Tropologies of Rupa and Ronica.  Feminist Formations. 20(2), 156-188.
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Badruddoja, R.  Contesting Maternal Ideology: The Yonic Myths of Motherhood.  Retrieved from: http://www.desilit.org/magazine/