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Blumenshine, Steven C.

College of Science and Mathematics » Department of Biology
Blumenshine, S.  (2012). Environmental Factors Affecting the Dynamics of Chinese Mitten Crab Zoeae in the San Francisco Bay-Delta: A Tool for Predictions of Future Adult Migrations.  Aquatic Invasions. 7(1), 111-124.
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Blumenshine, S., Piumsonboon, A., Gunbua, V., & Paphavasit, N.  (2007). Factors affecting spatial and temporal variation in water quality and plankton: Case study in the Bangpakong River.  Thailand Journal of Science. 11-27.
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Moss, R., Blumenshine, S., Yee, J., & Fleskes, J.  (2009). Emergent insect production in post-harvest flooded agricultural fields used by waterbirds.  Wetlands. 29(3), 875-883.
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