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Cassel Sharma, Florence

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology
Cassel, S.  (2017). Synergistic integration of scholarly research and university services for teaching enhancement. Presented at Provost’s Awards Lecture Series, Fresno, CA.
Cassel, S., & Thao, T.  (2017). Salinity management in irrigated copping systems using electromagnetic remote sensing. Presented at Multi State Salinity Coalition Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
Cassel, S., Singh, A., Benes, S., & Quinn, N.  (2017). Monitoring soil salinity in alfalfa and ‘Jose’ tall wheatgrass fields using EM-38 soil surveys and developing input data for a transient hydro-salinity computer model. Presented at Central California Research Symposium, Fresno, CA.
Cassel, S., Singh, A., Benes, S., & Quinn, N.  (2017). Use of EM-38 soil salinity surveys to develop validation data sets for a transient hydro-salinity model CSUID-II. Presented at California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum (CWEMF) Annual Meeting, Folsom, CA.
Cassel, S., & Samano-Monroy, J.  (2016). AirJection irrigation mitigates denitrification and leaching. Presented at Irrigation Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
Cassel, S., Benes, S., Galdi, G., Putnam, D., & Hutchmacher, F.  (2016). Field response of improved alfalfa (medicago sativa) varieties to saline irrigation: dry matter yield and soil salinity assessment. Presented at International Meetings of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), Phoenix, AZ.