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Chen, Jidong

College of Arts and Humanities » Department of Linguistics
Ai, R., & Chen, J.  (2008). A puzzle in Chinese dative shift. Presented at 20th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics, Columbus, OH.
Chen, J., & Shirai, Y.  (2014). The acquisition of relative clauses in spontaneous child speech in Mandarin Chinese.  Journal of Child Language. 1-29.
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Chen, J., & Brown, A.  (2013). A cross linguistic study of gesture and speech about motion events in English, Japanese, and Chinese.  Cognitive Linguistics. 24(4), 605-631.
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Chen, J., & Shirai, Y.  (2010). The development of aspectual marking in child Mandarin Chinese.  Applied Psycholinguistics. 31(1), 1-28.
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Chen, J., & Ai, R.  (2010). Encoding motion and state change in L2 Mandarin. Presented at 21st North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics, Smithfield, RI.
Chen, J.  (2010). Putting and taking events in Mandarin Chinese. Presented at 36th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley, CA.
Chen, J.  (2007). He cut-break the rope: Encoding and categorizing cutting and breaking events in Mandarin.  Cognitive Linguistics. 18(2), 273-285.
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Chen, J.  (2006). ‘Sister cry-run brother’, who cries and who runs?: Learning the argument structure of Mandarin resultative verb compounds. Presented at Cambridge Linguistics, Cambridge, UK.
Chen, J.  (2006). The acquisition of verb compounding in Mandarin.  Constructions in acquisition. Stanford, Calif.: CSLI Publications.
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Huettig, F., Chen, J., Bowerman, M., & Majid, A.  (2010). Do Language-Specific Categories Shape Conceptual Processing? Mandarin Classifier Distinctions Influence Eye Gaze Behavior, but only During Linguistic Processing.  Journal of Cognition and Culture. 10(1/2), 39-58.
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