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Choi, Jai-Pil

College of Science and Mathematics » Department of Chemistry
Choi, J.  (2010). Chemical and biological sensing by electron transport in nanomaterials.  Trace analysis with nanomaterials. Weinheim: John Wiley and Sons, Inc..
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Choi, J., Fields-Zinna, C., Stiles, R., Balasubramanian, R., Douglas, A., Crowe, M., & Murray, R.  (2010). Reactivity of [Au25(SCH2CH2Ph)18]1−Nanoparticles with Metal Ions.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 114(34), 15890-15896.
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Parker, J., Choi, J., Wang, W., & Murray, R.  (2008). Electron SelfExchange Dynamics of the Nanoparticle Couple Au25(SC2Ph)180/1- By Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Line-Broadening.  Journal of the American Chemical Society.
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