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Clement, Keith

College of Social Sciences » Department of Criminology
Clement, K.  (2011). The essentials of emergency management and homeland security graduate education programs: Design, development, and future.  Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
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Clement, K., & Barbrey, J.  (2008). Criminal Laws on the Fringe: An Analysis of Legislated Punishments for Morality Crimes in the 50 States.  Critical Criminology. 16(2), 105-121.
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Clement, K., Hough, R., Mathis, J., Simmons, C., & Jones, B.  (2007). Partnering In Purpose.  Police Chief. 74(11).
Tatum, K., & Clement, K.  (2007). An Exploratory Analysis of Florida Law Enforcement Domestic Violence Policies.  American Journal of Criminal Justice. 32(1-2), 45-56.
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