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Crask, Lloyd

Lyles College of Engineering » Construction Management Program
Crask, L., Luo, Y., & Dyson, A.  (2011). ECO-Village: A humane solution to the homeless.  ICSDC 2011: Integrating sustainability practices in the construction industry: Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction, March 23-25, 2011, Kansas City, Missouri. (pp.637-643) Reston, Va.: American Society of Civil Engineers.
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Crask, L., Luo, Y., & Dyson, A.  (2011). Eco–Village: A Humane Solution to the Homeless. Presented at International Conference on Sustainable Design & Conference, Kansas City, MO.
Luo, Y., Crask, L., Dyson, A., Zoghi, M., & Hyatt, B.  (2011). The Eco-Village Experience at CSU Fresno: An Integrated Approach to Service Learning.  Metropolitan Universities Journal.
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Zoghi, M., Crask, L., Hyatt, B., & Luo, Y.  (2012). Curriculum innovation with leadership oppurtunities to engage students at all levels. Presented at Pacific Southwest Section Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education, San Luis Obispo, CA.