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Golden, Donnie R.

College of Science and Mathematics » Department of Chemistry
Frank, D., Golden, M., & Golden, D.  (2009). Having a Ball—and a Blast—with Chemistry!.  Journal of Chemical Education. 86(10), 1190.
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Golden, M., Person, E., Bejar, M., Golden, D., & Powell, J.  (2010). Phosphorus Flamethrower: A Demonstration Using Red and White Allotropes of Phosphorus.  Journal of Chemical Education. 87(11), 1154-1158.
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Person, E., Golden, D., & Royce, B.  (2010). Salting Effects as an Illustration of the Relative Strength of Intermolecular Forces.  Journal of Chemical Education. 87(12), 1332-1335.
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