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Hyatt, Brad

Lyles College of Engineering » Construction Management Program
Hyatt, B., & Senior, B.  (2015). Genchi Genbutsu in Construction.  Value and Waste in Lean Construction. Taylor & Francis.
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Hyatt, B., & Senior, B.  (2015). Improving the Teaching of a Lean Construction System Using Gemba Walks: A Case Study. Presented at the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference.
Hyatt, B.  (2011). Effectively Utilizing Industry Members to Assess Student Learning Outcomes in a Senior Project Course. Presented at Pacific Southwest Regional Conference, Fresno, CA.
Hyatt, B.  (2011). A Case Study for Integrating Lean, Green, BIM into an Undergraduate Construction Management Scheduling Course. Presented at Associated Schools of Construction.
Hyatt, B.  (2010). Using BIM Scheduling Simulations (4D) in an Undergraduate Construction Management Course to Assess “Means and Methods” Knowledge. Presented at ECO-Build, WASHINGTON, D.C. .
Luo, Y., Crask, L., Dyson, A., Zoghi, M., & Hyatt, B.  (2011). The Eco-Village Experience at CSU Fresno: An Integrated Approach to Service Learning.  Metropolitan Universities Journal.
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Wu, W., & Hyatt, B.  (2016). Integrating Building Information Modeling across an Undergraduate Construction Management Curriculum: Experiential Learning through a Tiny House Project. Presented at 10th BIM Academic Symposium & Job Task Analysis Review, Orlando, FL.
Wu, W., & Hyatt, B.  (2016). Experiential and Project-based Learning in BIM for Sustainable Living with Tiny Solar Houses.  Procedia Engineering. 145(12), 579-586.
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Zoghi, M., Crask, L., Hyatt, B., & Luo, Y.  (2012). Curriculum innovation with leadership oppurtunities to engage students at all levels. Presented at Pacific Southwest Section Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education, San Luis Obispo, CA.