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Kriehn, Gregory

Lyles College of Engineering » Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Colice, M., Weverka, T., Kriehn, G., Schlottau, F., & Wagner, K.  (2005). Holographic method of cohering fiber tapped delay lines.  Applied optics. 44(25), 5257-72.
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Kriehn, G., Flerchinger, J., Lopez, A., Urbieta, V., Combs, E., Pittenger, T., ... Yam, C.  (2010). Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laser Targeting System. Presented at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America.
Kriehn, G., & Wagner, K.  (2007). True- Time- Delay Adaptive array processing using photorefractive crystals.  Photorefractive Materials and their Applications. (pp.135-168) New York: Springer.
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