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Larralde-Muro, Jesus

Lyles College of Engineering
Larralde, J., & Tiwana, S.  (2008). Use of FRP Panels as reinforced Segmental Retaining Walls. Presented at 10th Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics, Cancun, Mexico.
Larralde, J.  (2001). High-Strength Synthetic Fabrics for Concrete Reinforcement.  2nd International Conference in Engineering Materials.
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Larralde, J.  (2001). In-Plane Shear Behavior of Un-Reinforced Brick Walls Repaired with Expansive Epoxy.  9th Canadian Symposium in Structural Masonry. -.
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Xiao, M., Bowen, J., Graham, M., & Larralde, J.  (2012). Comparison of Seismic Responses of Geosynthetically‚ÄźReinforced Walls with Tire Derived Aggregates (TDA) and Granular Backfills.  ASCE: Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 444.
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