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Lee, Kevin K.

Craig School of Business » Department of Finance and Business Law
Fogel K.S, L.  (2013). Foreign direct investors as change agents: The Swedish firm experience.  Corp. Gov. Corporate Governance (Oxford). 21(6), 516-534.
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Lee, K., Fogel, K., & McCumber, W.  (2011). The institutional impact on the outreach and profitability of microfinance organizations.  Handbook of research on innovation and entrepreneurship. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
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Lee, K., Hall, J., Kern, T., Yeager, T., & King, T.  (2011). A Value-at-Risk Approach to Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing at US Commercial Banks.  Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions. 5(1), 60-75.
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