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Levi, Annette E.

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology » Department of Agricultural Economics
Levi, A.  (2014). Careers in International Agribusiness.  Henry Madden Library.
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Levi, A.  (2014). California Raisin Economic Outlook. Presented at San Joaquin Valley Grape Symposium.
Levi, A., & Konduru, S.  (2013). Short Term Study Abroad: Some Tips and Pointers. Presented at Jordan College of Agriculture Sciences & Technology Seminar Series, California State University, Fresno.
Lone, T., Pence, D., Levi, A., Chan, K., & Bianco-Simeralx, S.  (2009). Marketing healthy food to the least interested consumers.  Journal of Foodservice. 90-99.
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