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Luo, Yupeng

Lyles College of Engineering
Crask, L., Luo, Y., & Dyson, A.  (2011). ECO-Village: A humane solution to the homeless.  ICSDC 2011: Integrating sustainability practices in the construction industry: Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction, March 23-25, 2011, Kansas City, Missouri. (pp.637-643) Reston, Va.: American Society of Civil Engineers.
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Crask, L., Luo, Y., & Dyson, A.  (2011). Eco–Village: A Humane Solution to the Homeless. Presented at International Conference on Sustainable Design & Conference, Kansas City, MO.
Luo, Y.  (Forthcoming). Greening the Campus through Integrated Teaching and Research. Presented at Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction.
Luo, Y., Wu, W., & Bagdasarov, Z.  (2016). Students' Perceptions of Tablet-Enhanced Learning Environment on the Development of Communication and Critical Thinking Skills: An Interdisciplinary Study. Presented at ASEE’s 123rd Annual Conference & Exposition.
Luo, Y., Crask, L., Dyson, A., Zoghi, M., & Hyatt, B.  (2011). The Eco-Village Experience at CSU Fresno: An Integrated Approach to Service Learning.  Metropolitan Universities Journal.
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Zoghi, M., Crask, L., Hyatt, B., & Luo, Y.  (2012). Curriculum innovation with leadership oppurtunities to engage students at all levels. Presented at Pacific Southwest Section Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education, San Luis Obispo, CA.