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Motameni, Reza

Craig School of Business » Department of Marketing and Logistics
Motameni, R., Rice, W., & LaRosa, P.  (2015). Taking or Not Taking a Class: Students Perceived Physiognomies Associated with Syllabi.  International Journal of Marketing Studies. 7(1), 78-92.
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Motameni, R., & Nordstrom, R.  (2014). Correlating the Social Media Functionalities to Marketing Goals and Strategies.  Journal of Marketing Management (JMM). 2(3 & 4).
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Motameni, R., Cords, D., & Geringer, S.  (2012). Accountants and Marketers Prolific Discourse. Presented at 24th Annual Conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, Long Beach, CA.
Motameni, R., Cords, D., & Geringer, S.  (2010). The Provisions for a Flourishing Marketing and Finance Discourse and its impact on Organizational Structure.  Marketing Management Journal. 20(1), 217-230.
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