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Roberts, Bruce A.

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology » Department of Plant Science
Roberts, B., Fritschi, F., Horwath, W., & Bardhan, S.  (2013). Nitrogen mineralization potential as influenced by microbial biomass, cotton residues and temperature.  Journal of Plant Nutrition.
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Roberts, B., Bañuelos, G., Wright, S., Hutmacher, R., Munk, D., Wilson, K., ... Wrobles, J.  (2013). Comparing acala defoliation timings with yield and quality.  Crop Management.
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Roberts, B., Fritschi, F., Horwath, W., Scow, K., Rains, W., & Travis, R.  (2011). Comparisons of soil microbial communities influenced by soil texture, nitrogen fertility, and rotations.  Soil Science. 176(9), 487-494.
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