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Rocca, Steven

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology » Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education
Rocca, S.  (2016). Fresno state fall update. Presented at San Joaquin Region CATA Meeting, Fish Camp, CA.
Rocca, S.  (2016). Building an agricultural teacher pipeline through community college and university collaboration. Presented at Annual Western Regional Agricultural Education Research Conference, Tucson, Arizona.
Rocca, S., & Vaughn, R.  (2015). Impact of Influential People and Timing of the College Decision­-Making Process. Presented at 42nd annual National Agricultural Education Research Conference, San Antonio, TX.
Rocca, S.  (2014). Pathway to Agricultural Education: Recruitment, Preparation and Careers. Presented at Agri­Science Education for the 21st Century Conference, Miami, FL.
Rocca, S., & Vaughn, R.  (2014). Information Sources and Institutional Characteristics Impacting Minority Student Recruitment into a College of Agriculture. Presented at 33rd annual Western Region Agricultural Education Research Conference, Kona, HI.
Rocca, S.  (2011). Fresno State: A new century of excellence.  California Golden Slate. 27(1), 5.
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Rocca, S.  (2010). Determining the professional development needs of faculty in a college of agriculture.  NACTA Journal. 54(1), 69-75.
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Rocca, S., & Warner, W.  (2010). To teach or not to teach: What factors impact preservice students’ decision?. Presented at 37th annual National Agricultural Education Research Conference, Omaha, NE.
Rocca, S., & Washburn, S.  (2008). Preservice agriculture teachers' perceptions of career barriers and support.  Journal of Agricultural Education. 49(2).
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Rocca, S., & Washburn, S.  (2007). Predicting preservice agriculture teachers' intentions to teach.  Journal of Agricultural Education. 49(2).
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Rocca, S.  (2007). Fresno State: Opportunities for all.  California Golden Slate. 23(1), 6-7.
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Rocca, S., & Washburn, S.  (2006). Comparison of teacher efficacy of traditionally and alternatively certified agriculture teachers.  Journal of Agricultural Education. 47(3), 28-69.
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Vaughn, R., Rocca, S., & Parham, A.  (2005). Fresno State strives to advance California agriculture.  California Golden Slate. 21(5), 4-5.
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