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Shapiro, Martin S.

College of Science and Mathematics » Department of Psychology
Behmer, S., Belt, C., & Shapiro, M.  (2005). Variable rewards and discrimination ability in an insect herbivore: what and how does a hungry locust learn?.  The Journal of Experimental Biology. 3463-3473.
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Falk, D., Moss, S., Shapiro, M., & Aughenbaugh, S.  (2010). Educating globally competent citizens : a tool kit for teaching seven revolutions.  Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies.
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Shapiro, M., Schuck-Paim, C., & Kacelnik, A.  (2012). Risk sensitivity for amounts of and delay to rewards: Adaptation for uncertainty or by-product of reward rate maximising?.  Behavioural Processes. 89(2), 104-114.
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