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Singh, Bhupinder

College of Health and Human Services
Hammons, A., Singh, B., Negatu, M., Francis, S., Janz, K., & Yack, J.  (2016). Cardiorespiratory fitness, adiposity or muscular strength-the best predictor for gait biomechanics in obese children?. Presented at American College of Sports Medicine, Boston, MA.
Segal, N., Glass, N., Teran-Yengle, P., Singh, B., Wallace, R., & Yack, H.  (2015). Intensive Gait Training For Older Adults With Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis.  American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 94(10), 848-58.
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Singh, B., Negatu, M., Yack, H., Francis, S., & Janz, K.  (2016). Do fitness and fatigue affect gait biomechanics in overweight and obese children?.  Gait and Posture. 190-195.
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Singh, B., Yack, H., Francis, S., & Janz, K.  (2015). Biomechanical loads during common rehabilitation exercises in obese individuals.  International journal of sports physical therapy. 10(2), 189-96.
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