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Tyner, Toni

College of Health and Human Services » Department of Physical Therapy
Trueblood, P., Cornell, N., Rowe, C., Curtis, K., Halmos, T., Curtis, K., & Tyner, T.  (2008). The effect of a university-based individualized balance retraining class on self reported balance problems in people with and without a neurological diagnosis.  Nigatta Journal of Health and Welfare.
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Trueblood, P., Tyner, T., Wubenhorst, N., Bradley, J., Cummings, U., Mesa, J., ... Silva, K.  (2007). The Effects of an Eight Week Fallproof: Class Comparing High and Low Functioning participants.  Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association. 34(8), 316-327.
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Tyner, T., & Allen, D.  (2007). Balance and Fall Risk.  Physical rehabilitation: Evidence-based examination, evaluation, and intervention. (pp.300-332) St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.
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