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Vaughn, Rosco C.

Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology » Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education
Rocca, S., & Vaughn, R.  (2015). Impact of Influential People and Timing of the College Decision­-Making Process. Presented at 42nd annual National Agricultural Education Research Conference, San Antonio, TX.
Rocca, S., & Vaughn, R.  (2014). Information Sources and Institutional Characteristics Impacting Minority Student Recruitment into a College of Agriculture. Presented at 33rd annual Western Region Agricultural Education Research Conference, Kona, HI.
Rocca, S.  (2011). Fresno State: A new century of excellence.  California Golden Slate. 27(1), 5.
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Rocca, S.  (2007). Fresno State: Opportunities for all.  California Golden Slate. 23(1), 6-7.
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Vaughn, R.  (2017). Fresno State spring 2017 update. Presented at Central Region CATA Meeting, Modesto, CA.
Vaughn, R., Rocca, S., & Parham, A.  (2005). Fresno State strives to advance California agriculture.  California Golden Slate. 21(5), 4-5.
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